Every FACTS edition, we traditionally hold a fairy tale-like cosplay contest in which we place our cosplayers on a nice, shiny pedestal. All competitors always get a huge applause; the winners get a nice prize and eternal fame to boot.


The FACTS Cosplay Contests are always a big highlight during the FACTS weekends. Watch the best cosplayers this country has to offer in action on a big stage. Nostalgia and awe will be assured!


You would love to show your cosplay to the world, but you don’t want to enter a big competition?
Then the FACTS Cosplay Catwalk is perfect for you!

In these more casual contests, you enter the stage for a brief moment, you strike a pose, do your thing and then you let the next contestant have his glory. Simple, but fun!


A few times each day, cosplayers of the same fandom gather in the center of Hall 1 and march together on the mini-catwalk. It’s perfect for photo opportunities and everyone will get to see you at your best. It’s beautiful.