Every FACTS edition, we traditionally hold a fairy tale-like cosplay contest in which we place our cosplayers on a nice, shiny pedestal. All competitors always get a huge applause; the winners get a nice prize and eternal fame to boot. PRO TIP: book yourselves a cosplay ticket if you’re coming in your best cosplay suit. It’s cheaper! And more fun!


Want to enter the FACTS Cosplay Contests or the ECG Selections?

Then you need to register through the website of BeCosplay! Click on the button for more info.


You would love to show your cosplay to the world, but you don’t want to enter a big competition?
Then the more casual FACTS Cosplay Catwalk is perfect for you!

To enter, simply go to the BeCosplay booth in the Cosplay Hall and register there. No need to fill in any forms beforehand. Have fun!


A few times each day, cosplayers of the same fandom gather in the center of Hall 1 and march together. It’s perfect for photo opportunities by great photographers and everyone will get to see you at your best. It’s beautiful! 

This activity is organised by FACTS and executed by our professional friends at CosplayCloud.