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take a picture with your favourite actors!

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Bring a friend!

One photoshoot ticket = one photo with you + max 1 friend + the actor. In other words, you only need ONE photoshoot tickets if you and 1 friends want to be on the same picture with a certain actor. This way, you can split the costs!

One photoshoot ticket will give you only one paper version, but you can print more when you’ve downloaded your free digital copy!

Where to buy tickets?

You can buy your own photoshoot tickets online and at the event, at the photoshoot booth in the Guest Hall.

Beware: you cannot buy photoshoot tickets at FACTS if they are sold out in presales, so we recommend online purchases!

Free digital copies!

After the photoshoot, you will notice that there’s a URL printed on your picture. Use this link to download your free digital copy.

Please note that it may take some time to upload all pictures into the system. If you’re having issues, contact!


People with a VIP ticket can skip the waiting lines and get to the front immediately!

Warning: One VIP Fast Lane benefit only counts for one person. Minors are of course allowed to accompany the paying adult if they have no other supervision.


1. Always enter the queue at the starting time of the photoshoot. Don’t be late!
2. Actors can leave the photo booth the moment the queue is empty, so never arrive at the end time or you may miss the shoot.
3. Do not enter the queue if you will not be on the photo. We make exceptions for minors accompanied by adults, of course.

If you’re unsure about any of these protocol rules, ask our kind crew for instructions!


A photoshoot ticket is NOT an entry ticket. For a picture with your favourite actor or actress, you need 

You also need to passively accept our Terms and Conditions, which can be found on our website and are available at the information booth during the event.

FACTS cannot refund your ticket if you should make a mistake.
So pay close attention and double check everything!

If the mistake is about the day of the photoshoot (Saturday / Sunday), then you can maybe exchange your ticket during the weekend itself, at the photobooth kiosk. Note that this is only possible in certain situations AND if the session(s) of the chosen actor are not yet sold out that day. 

Sadly, no, we do not refund if you missed your session. We expect everyone to be on time. In the weeks before FACTS and during the show, you can check our schedule in the FACTS magazine, at the FACTS info booth, on our website and many other media.

Yes, not to worry. If the schedule doesn’t allow you to make it to the start of the second session, then notify the FACTS crew during the show. These Guardians can stall the actor if necessary. This does not count as ‘missing your session’. 

Then we will of course refund your ticket. Keep an eye on your e-mails and send an e-mail to with your ticket and additional info.

No, your ticket is only valid for the time slot to which it is assigned. It will not be accepted in a different session. This rule avoids that we have too many participants in one session, which could lead to huge delays in the schedule. 

If you really can’t make it, then you might get lucky at the photoshoot booth in the Guest Hall. If the other session is not sold out, then it MIGHT be possible to switch. No guarantees though.

By participating (letting us take your photo, that you bought online ( or at FACTS), you agree that it will be printed and be put online so you can find the digital version of your picture. Your photo will not be kept longer than necessary in order to carry out the mission for which it was taken, which will be 1 year, in order for you to still be able to access it. FACTS and Eventattitude – Web Based Photo Solutions sa/nv – Avenue Louise 523 – 1050 Brussels, respect the law on the protection of privacy and give you the opportunity at any time to remove your photo by contacting FACTS and Eventattitude won’t pass your photo to any third party.

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