Tickets not yet available for April 2022.
Check back here soon to see when you can score your pass to the magical FACTS Forest!

Greetings, citizen of the FACTS nation! I am T.I.C.K.E.T. That’s short for ‘Trusty Information Companion, Keeping Earth Tidy’. I was repurposed by Faestvil the sorceress to accompany you to the festival in the magical FACTS Forest, full of movies, series, video games and other cool pop culture phenomena from across the multiverse.

She also gave me a soul! Having a soul is so confusing! Is this what you call excitement? How do your circuits not explode ALL THE TIME? Anyway, resuming.

Below, I will give you a good overview of what kind of tickets you can buy, practical info, and what the FACTS festival will offer on April 2-3, 2021. Just thinking about it makes my vents spin harder than a space ship in a black hole. Haha, you should see those suckers go!

Read before the deed

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Good to know


FACTS rewards early buyers! The earlier you buy your ticket, the lower the price will be. 

Typically, the FACTS campaign consists of 3 waves. The first wave starts on the day of the ticket launch, the second one starts after a few months. Finally, the last wave starts on the first day of the FACTS event.


The following tickets are limited and can be sold out quickly. So if you want one of these, then don’t hesitate too long!

  • Standard Weekend
  • VIP Saturday / Sunday / Weekend
  • Priority Entry


Part of my protocol dictates that I have to keep Earth tidy, much like my cousin Wall-E, so that is what I’ll do. And you can help me! Go green with your tickets and have them scanned on your phone by our crew at the entrance. There is no need to print your tickets. Just make sure that there are no cracks or other deformations on your screen.

Wait, people carry around wounded droids? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TAKE THEM TO AN ENGINEER!


My sensors indicate that all of human kind has had issues with something called the COVID-19 virus. Nasty creatures. Droids aren’t too fond of them either, if you know what I mean.

The FACTS festival organisers will keep monitoring the situation and keep you informed about which health measures will be necessary. Be sure to check the page below!

Having ticket problems?

Then send an e-mail to!
The technical staff – despite being mere humans – will help you out.

Deadpool Cosplay at Merchandise Booths
Board Games Zone: a Game with Dice at FACTS Fall 2019
Harry Potter's Matthew Lewis in the FACTS Autograph sessions
Cosplay Parades FACTS Fall 2019 Child as Captain America
Back to the Future actor Christopher Lloyd as a FACTS Fall 2019 comic con guest
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