Artist Sketches & Commissions


With a FAST PASS TICKET, you will be able to enter FACTS at 9:00h instead of 10:00h.

  • You’ll be first in line for all Artist Alley autographs, avoiding the bigger queues.
  • You’ll have loads of time left for all other amazing activities.


The fabled VIP ticket will have the Priority Entry benefit of entering an hour earlier, but there are loads of other cool advantages, too! 

Check out our ticket pages if you want to enjoy FACTS in the best possible way. Happy hunting!


The shop that sells comics of the invited artists at the Artist Alley, will only be open daily between 9:00h and 11:00h and between 14:00h – 15:00h.

You can find the Comic Shop at the Artist Alley, in the Guest Hall at FACTS. 

General rules:

– Stand in person in line to receive a sketch
– Only 4 sketch tickets per person at the bookshop of the Artist Alley
– By leaving the line, you could lose your place.
– On both days, only early bird ticket holders can be the first to stand as of 9 AM in front of the queue for the artist (not actors) of their choice. Please be so kind to respect the order of the queue. The VIP ticket holders have priority until 9 AM.
– Anyone present at the artists table before opening hours (and not having valid bought tickets), will be refused access to the artists. They can stand in line after the queue from valid ticketholders has been formed.
– Signatures are free but for maximum of 10 comic-books to get signed per artist. If you want more books signed, please stand back in line again. Exceptions may occur for certaint comic guests
– Be respectful to your fellow collector as well as the artist in front of you
– Only max. A4-size paper (sketchbook etc) will normally be accepted for drawing.
– In general a lunch break is foreseen for the artists in between noon and 14hrs.
– Any child under 10 years waiting in line for his parent will be brought to security
– In case you see people breaking above rules, please contact someone from the Artist Alley Team!
– A distributed ticket cannot guarentee 100% a sketch. Priority to visitors who stand in the queue. Don’t leave your spot for more than 5 minutes.

Disclaimer: All artists will be present at the Artist Alley in the Guest Hall, unless specified otherwise. The information below is based on information given by the artist and is subject to change at any time according to their wishes. The FACTS organization cannot be held responsible for any changes.

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