FACTS Speeddates

What to expect

A laid back, fun chat with fellow fans! Sit down, talk for a few minutes, write down the number and name and move on to the next one. It’s a no-stress zone for all participants. Afterwards, we’ll check if you have a match. If so, we’ll send you the necessary contact info!

Once again, the Belgian dating organisation Dates & Geeks will take care of the hosting and matches of the FACTS Speed dates. This is a specialised group where fellow geeks can find friendship and maybe even more. 

So if you don’t get a match or didn’t get a chance to participate in the speed dates, then head to their platforms and try your luck there!


The sessions will be held in or near the FLEX rooms, where the workshops and panels are held.
Head under the big balcony in Hall 1 (Exhibitor Hall) to reach the speed dates.

The data in the registration form of Dates & Geeks
will only be used for the communication around this edition’s speed date sessions.
After that, all data will be deleted.


Can anyone enter these sessions?

every sexuality
is welcome

We are organising sessions for heterosexuals, homosexual males and homosexual females. But of course, bisexuals and people with other preferences can still apply for the sessions in which they feel best.

All 18+ ages are welcome

…but not necessarily all ages will be represented. Selections are based on age, because putting an 18-year-old with a 50-year-old wouldn’t be much fun. If a certain age group is not represented enough, that session will be made available for other age groups.

you have to be 18 or older

Such is the law. Sorry!

Speeddates FAQ

No, you still have to get selected. We base our selections on age, gender and sexual preference, to ensure the best combination of participants. 
EVERYONE receives an e-mail, even if you didn’t get selected.

One session on Saturday and one on Sunday? No problem! Just fill it in twice. 
If applicable: multiple sessions on one day will not be allowed. We want to give as many people as possible a chance to participate.

Send an e-mail to datesandgeeks@gmail.com for further instructions. You may have to redo the registration. 

If you don’t get selected, then don’t worry, you still have a chance. We accept ‘back-ups’ during the speeddates. Just show up early and register as a back-up on a piece of paper in the speeddate room. You can fill in the spots of the people that don’t show up. No guarantees though!

Yes, everyone gets an e-mail. The ones that are selected will be assigned a certain session, the others will receive a ‘you’re not selected’-mail. 

You will receive an e-mail saying that you didn’t get any matches. No worries, there’s always next time!

It might take a while before all matches are found. Remember: first we have to cross-reference all papers manually, then each participant has to receive an individual e-mail with individual contact information of multiple matches. So yes, it’s A LOT of work and it might take a while, so please be patient. ^^ 

Yes. Every mail has to be sent individually, so it’s perfectly possible that some people receive their matches later than others. Not to worry, you will get yours too!

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