Your Belgian Comic Con

6-7 April 2024

Flanders Expo Ghent

Watch movies, series & gaming come to life in Belgium’s largest comic con festival and pop culture celebration!

Escape reality and dive into the wonderful universe of FACTS, Your Belgian Comic-Con! If you’re a fan of movies, series, video games, board games, cosplay, superheroes, anime, and other pop culture phenomena, then you won’t want to miss this two-day fandom festival. Curious to see what it’s like? Scroll down for an overview and watch last edition’s aftermovie!

Saturday: 10h – 19h
Sunday: 10h – 17h



James McAvoy

X-Men / Split / Glass / It / Narnia / Wanted / His Dark Materials / ...

Stephen Amell

Arrowverse / Heels / TMNT / ...

Charisma Carpenter

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer / Angel / Charmed / Veronica Mars / The Expendables

Mark Williams

Harry Potter / Father Brown / 101 Dalmatians / The Fast Show

Kevin McNally

Pirates of the Caribbean / Doctor Who / Supernatural / The Crown / ...

Jason Paige

Pokémon Theme Song Singer



The world’s greatest comic and pop culture artists will flock to the Artist Alley once more.
Check here to see who will bring amazing art to FACTS!

Mike Perkins

Captain America / House of M Avengers / Ruse / ...

Mark Buckingham

Fables / Death / Hellblazer / Miracleman / ...

Trevor Hairsine

Judge Dredd / Captain America / Magic: The Gathering / ...

Monte M. Moore

Official Star Wars artist for The Mandalorian prints / pop culture artist

Raul Fernandez Fonts

Aquaman (DC) / Iron Man Annual (Marvel) / Star Wars (Dark Horse)

Lucio Parrillo

Vampirella / Red Sonja / Spider-Man / Warlord of Mars / TCG's like Magic: The Gathering and Warcraft / D&D

Hilary Barta

The Simpsons / SpongeBob Squarepants / Plastic Man / Fear Agent / What the --?! / Ninja Turtles

Michael Dialynas

The Woods / Wynd / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What can you expect?

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Thanks to our precisely designed range of headsets, fully wireless earbuds, microphones and speakers, immerse yourself in an immersive sound experience that lets you hear every step, shot and jump. Be surprised by super-accurate sound that brings every detail to

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Omen by HP: Next-level gaming at FACTS!

The definitive PC gaming brand is bringing amazing hardware to FACTS for you to try out! Dive into the excellent array of screens and other devices and experience your games like never before. Visit their booth in The Geek Market,

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