FACTS: The green Comic Con

Move the Earth to protect the planet!

Every year, more than 80.000 comic con fans head to Flanders Expo for FACTS. It’s only natural that a big event like this potentially has a big impact on the environment. The FACTS organisation is fully aware of that, so we’ve been taking numerous actions to minimise our ecological footprint for quite a few years already. Together with our co-workers, visitors, exhibitors and stakeholders, because durability is a shared responsibility. 

‘Going green’ is not some empty hippie creed for us. No, it’s a daily challenge, a concrete commitment to improve our environmental score.

What we already do


On the roof of our halls, there's 53.000m² worth of solar panels. That's about 11 football fields. The generated green energy can take up 40% of FACTS' total energy consumption.


Electric driving is the way forward. That is why you can find no less than 12 advanced charging stations for cars on parking PA4 of Flanders Expo. You can click here to reserve a spot to tank some kilowatts.


Through an ingenious system, rain water is being collected from the roofs and used to flush our toilets. That way, save thousands of liters of drinking water. No drop on a hot plate!


FACTS makes sure that all types of garbage are separated from each other and that the total amount of waste is reduced. Paper, cardboard and metal are all stocked and processed in the Flanders Expo recycling area.


Intern transport runs on gas or electricity as much as possible. Forklifts, industrial cleaning machines and other machinery emit a lot less CO2, which is another way to contribute to a cleaner world.


Our partner Gourmet Invent & Le Pain Quotidien puts a 'fair catering experience' on the forefront. What that means? To strive for less meat consumption, to choose for local products and to use green energy and eco-friendly, recyclable packages.

What you can do

As you can see, durability is a top priority for FACTS.
But to really succeed in our efforts, we need the support of the whole community. Including YOU!

Take action and show us your planet positive attitude!
Got any green ideas or suggestions? Then share them with our team through weloveourplanet@facts.be!

Together we can make FACTS the greenest comic con party on the planet!

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