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Welcome to a world of fandom fun!

Every edition, FACTS offers more than a weekend’s worth of surprising and memorable activities. From high-tech karting and video games to active workshops and beautiful exhibitions. What will you discover behind the foliage of the FACTS Forest? Let’s push the branches aside to discover, meet & play!

that this is just a highlight overview. In reality, you’ll have much, much more to do than what is listed here. Have fun!


🏎️ Supercube: a 360 interactive karting experience

Challenge your friends in an ever-changing digital circuit and come out on top, with screeching tires and sabotaging items. This experience is included in your entry ticket, so you can just hop in during FACTS without registering or paying extra! 💶 🚫

Miniature painting

🎨 Paint your own fantasy miniatures with Thunderbolts, in the Spellenspektakel zone! This Warhammer focused fan club will show you the ropes on how to make some stellar miniatures AND how to play with them in massive battles.

Star Wars Zone

💥 Rolling R2-D2’s, stoic Mandalorians, glaring Stormtroopers, life-like props and decors, you can find tons of amazing Star Wars activities and photo opportunities throughout FACTS. Check it out!

Music show: Aelad

🐺 Embark with Aelad on a pagan folk music adventure within the geek multiverse. Let your hearts drift into the imagination and rediscover your favorite universes. Their specialty: The Witcher music!

Sorting Hat Ceremony

🎩 Get sorted in a Hogwarts house in the official Sorting Ceremony of The Belgian Potterheads! Which house do you belong to? Go to the Fan Village to find out!

Make your very own wizard's quarter

The Compendium is offering tons of magical workshops.
Do them all and you have everything ready to start your wizarding career. Meet them in the Fan Village!

Spellbook crafting workshop

Magic wand workshop

Magic potion workshop

Scribe Feather workshop

Headpiece making workshop

Already excited? There's even more to discover!

4.000+ m² of board gaming fun
... included in your FACTS ticket!

In this zone, you get to experience all kinds of classic and brand new board, card and role-playing games. On October 21-22, 2023, FACTS will once again partner up with Spellenspektakel, to erect another spectacular and huge dedicated board gaming hall. If 4.000+ m² full of tabletop gaming sounds sweet like a natural 20, then head to the ticket page, as all FACTS entry ticket types include free access to Spellenspektakel.

Disney fans, this one's for you!


Play demos of Disney’s brand-new Lorcana TCG for the very first time at FACTS, in the Spellenspektakel hall, on October 21-22 in Flander Expo Ghent.

Publisher Ravensburger will show you how to play this magical TCG. Head to their booth in the Spellenspektakel hall!


Celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary this year with four new playing card collections launched by Bicycle, the popular brand of playing cards.
The Disney collections include Black & Gold Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Disney Villains, and Classic Mickey Mouse decks.
Each deck has its own unique design and theme.
Head to the booth of Cartamundi for all info!

Actor Q&A

All guest actors will get on stage on both days to answer your most burning questions. No additional tickets are needed, just choose a session and take a seat!

Cosplay parades

Get on the catwalk, show your cosplay to the world, get off again. It’s a pretty simple concept, but the result is amazing for cosplayers and audience alike. Check these out!

Cosplay competitions

Watch fiction come to life in spectacular ways and see how Belgium’s best of the best compete for eternal FACTS fame.

Artist Panels

The world’s most famous comic artists share their secrets and anecdotes in interesting panels and workshops. 

Fan Village panels

If there’s one group that can tell you all about certain franchises, it’s the Fan Village. Let them mesmerize you with their knowledge and passion!

Cosplay workshops

If you wish to hone your cosplay skills, then dive into the fun sessions of the esteemed cosplay guests. Learn from the best of the best!

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