Meet the FACTS Comic Con Team & Discover Their Missions

At FACTS, we believe that escaping to a fantasy world should not be limited to a passive screen.

This comic con acts as real-life gateways to everyone’s favorite universes, where you can shake hands with your heroes and actively become part of their story. That is why we gather the best of Western and Asian pop culture through movies, series, games, high-end entertainment, unique merchandise, and other unforgettable experiences in one place.

FACTS aims to bend reality and to have everyone join the geeky family.


FACTS’, Heroes Comic Con’s and Made in Asia’s Dungeon Master. He coordinates his minions to perfection and instructs them to build the portals to the comic con universes when the time is right. Much like Disney, his life’s goal is to spread happiness with magic and pixie dust. Think your happy thoughts and he’ll make you fly!


It is Lorens’ ‘Dragon Quest’ to breathe the fire of life into the heart of Heroes: the Exhibitor Hall. He will bring out the best in all parties involved with Frodo Baggins-esque dedication. If you trust your merchant version of the One Ring into his hands, then he will bring you an enthusiastic, otherwise hard-to-reach community with a thirst for geeky items.


Much like Captain Jack Sparrow refers to his boat as The Pearl, this team views Ellen as The Pearl of Heroes. She’s a sturdy crewmate in the sales cabin, always hawk-eyeing the horizon to find new and fun exhibitors to join the Heroes family. Swashbuckling for the right prices, she always has everyone’s best interest in mind and aims for a great experience for both the exhibitors and visitors of the Heroes events. Savvy?


Don’t challenge this Community & Content Coordinator for a thumb wrestling match, since 20+ years worth of console game nights has put biceps on his fingers. Also uses those digits to entertain you on FACTS’ and Heroes Comic Con’s social media, mailings and websites. Gets ASMR tingles of the sound of rolling dice and would store onigiri balls in his cheeks like a hamster 100% of the time if he had the elasticity. Has written so many creative mailings and stories that he is suspected to be a wizard with an enchanted pen.


Heroes’ anime & manga expert and Made in Asia’s head honcho. He slices through Japanese, Korean and other news like a Buster Sword through butter and transforms that into amazing content ideas for the Heroes events. Because of his excellent managing work, the Heroes events often have a larger roster than a Pokédex and will last longer than the One Piece manga series. If you’ve enjoyed an original activity at one of the Heroes events, feel free to yell ‘arigatou, Rémi-san!’


Heroes’ Communication Officer has a larger toolkit than a Transformer and Batman combined and he’s not afraid to use it for amazing marketing campaigns. Easily grabs the most creative ideas out of a magical bottomless bag while happily spewing dad jokes and sneaking in series references. You’d have to do a handstand to ever see his smile go upside-down, especially when he sees the Heroes events unfold and equally passionate people pouring in.


Tactical like Fire Emblem, focused as The Caped Crusader, and still happy-go-lucky as Nintendo’s moustachioed mascot… The Heroes events have rolled a natural 20 with Séverine in control of event coordination. She has put the phrases ‘chaos’ and ‘no can do’ in her Death Note, effectively eradicating them from the Heroes events. Because if you run into a practical problem, she’ll be able to shout ‘accio solution’ before you can say Diagon Alley.

The FACTS Comic Con values

Heroes with a cause

FACTS has more than once channeled the geeky goodness and directed it at the ones that need help the most. In the past, the FACTS organisation, the fan clubs of the Fan Village and other partners have worked together for a lot of good causes. Below, we give a sample of the long list of associations we’ve helped before.

That said, don’t hesitate to lend a hand yourself. Click on the logos and take a look!





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