The European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) is once again holding its preselections at FACTS! In this competition, the best of the best will battle it out in spectacular cosplay performances. The winners will represent Belgium in the international ECG finals in France.

  • Usually not for beginners
  • Be sure to read the specific ECG Rules
  • More info through the button below


The traditional FACTS Cosplay Contest, as FACTS has been doing so many years now. Grab your moment to shine on stage and show the audience what you’ve got!

  • Solo, small groups, short acts and competition
  • Any experience allowed
  • More info through the button below

FACTS Cosplay Show

FACTS and partner BeCosplay want to offer everyone the opportunity to set up a show that focuses on performance rather than costume and competition. Bye bye competition stress, hello fun times on stage!

  • Can be a large group
  • Performances of maximum 10 minutes
  • Not for beginners
  • No prizes, just fun
  • Selected by BeCosplay

cosplay catwalk

In the FACTS Cosplay Catwalk show, you’ll get to show off your cosplay 

  • All fandom categories
  • On the big stage
  • Ideal for a first big stage experience
  • Any experience level allowed
Registration at the booth of BeCosplay in the morning. Be quick, places are limited!


Plusieurs fois par jour, les cosplayeurs d’une même communauté (fandom) se réunissent dans le Hall 1 et marchent ensemble sur la passerelle. C’est le moment idéal pour prendre des photos !

Pour y participer, tout ce que vous avez à faire est d’être à l’heure au centre du Hall 1, sur la passerelle. Vous ne pouvez pas la manquer.