International cosplay guests


💃🏻 Meet Yugoro, a devoted Estonian live-action roleplaying, props, fantasy costumery, and performance enthusiast who started making cosplay in 2017.

She has since chalked up quite a few notable contest wins, such as at Comic Con Baltics and Japan Expo, and has become a recognized figure in the cosplay world.

Yugoro was also one of a dozen finalists in the global Cyberpunk 2077 competition organized by the notorious CD Projekt RED. Excitingly, in 2024, Yugoro will proudly represent the entire Baltic region at the Cosplay Crown Championship.

Meet this amazing cosplay star at FACTS, on April 6-7, in Flanders Expo, Ghent!

PakuPaku Ru

PakuPaku Ru has 12 years of experience in cosplay and has been having success ever since. She was given the opportunity to act as a cosplay contest jury for a number of events and has shared her know-how with anyone who asks for help.

She loves the process of creating cosplays from A to Z, for which she draws clear inspiration from various universes, especially from video games.

She’s also a photographer by trade and a streamer in her spare time. Check the links and give her a follow!

Meet this amazing cosplay star at FACTS, on April 6-7, in Flanders Expo, Ghent!

October 2023 Cosplay shows


Who will be the winner of FACTS traditional contest? Combine your costume skills with your theatrical skills and go for gold!


In this format, the focus lies on impressive costumes and the people who made them. Just go on that stage and show your stuff. No showmanship, all craftsmanship!


Board the mini-catwalk and show your cosplay! This casual cosplay showcase is perfect for photo opportunities. There are no prizes to be won, so just get on there, strike a pose and have some fun!
Want to join? All you need to do is show up at the right time in Hall 8, at the Cosplay Parades catwalk. Schedule added below!

Cosplay fanclubs, now in Hall 8!


In the FACTS Fan Village, loads of different fan clubs get together to share their passions with you, often in the form of cosplay and awesome picture moments in nostalgic sets and with amazingly detailed props.

Mandalorians, Jedi, Sith, DC Comics characters, Disney princesses, Star Trek, Harry Potter students, you can see it all here.

Cosplay tips

Header Cosplay Tutorials By the FACTS Cosplay Community Part 1

Easy Cosplay DIY: Tutorials for Painting and constructing cosplay props

Looking to improve your cosplay skills? Then check out these tutorials of respected and experienced Belgian cosplayers! From realistic paint jobs and the illusion of metal to making huge light cosplay props, you can find invaluable cosplay tips and tricks here. MistVein Cosplay: big props & little tricks In the following clips, the experienced Belgian

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Cosplay is not consent

A comic con can be exciting and overwhelming if you’ve never been to one before, or don’t visit frequently. The costumes, the atmosphere, the activities,… It’s a godsend for a fan of movies, series, games & comics and it’s ideal for an unforgettable day with a camera.

However, it is important to not to go overboard. Every person in cosplay is exactly just that: a person with their own feelings, wishes and boundaries, who just happens to wear a costume.

So it is very important to lay down some ground rules for interactions with cosplayers and other FACTS fans in the form of the #CosplayIsNotConsent concept, so that everyone can have a great, care-free time together. We’ve broken it down into an easy to remember set of guidelines.

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