what is FACTS?

Not sure what to expect? Let us give you a brief explanation and history of what FACTS is all about!


Where to go, where are our parking lots and how to get to your weekend of pure bliss.


Questions or problems? Send us an online message! We don't accept message owls anymore due to poop.

weapon rules

Bringing weapons or equipment with your cosplay? Check the rules with our local blacksmith first!

Rules & Regulations

What you can and cannot do at FACTS. Basic rules: don't bring plutonium and don't kill anyone, pretty please!


Have a question? Check our Frequently Asked Questions! No answers here? Then click the contact button!

security measures

Basically an instruction manual on ‘how to be best buddies with our security team’. Spoiler: it’s super easy.


Every superhero has a trusty sidekick. These are the companions who’ve got our and your backs!

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