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From international comic book stars and world-famous internet artists to local artists & designers, FACTS has it all. In the Artist Alley, experiencing a memorable encounter and leaving with your unique piece of art go hand-in-hand.

And when you’re done with that, you can also find the hidden gems of the Creator Zone, where the local artists and designers come to show their wares. Have fun exploring!

The Warp Zone

Arild Midthun

This Norwegian artist has been drawing Disney Comics – most notably Donald Duck & Co. – since 2004, so you know that he’ll have some amazing sketches for you. Give him a visit in the FACTS Artist Alley!

Mike Norton

The American talent Mike Norton is the creator of the Eisner and Harvey award winning webcomic, Battlepug and the co-creator and artist of Revival and Grumble. He has worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and just about everybody else. All the more reason to shake hands with this legend in the Artist Alley!

Miguel Angel Ruiz

This Spanish artist is best known for Crossed Badlands, Farscape, Grimm Fairy Tales, Avatar and comics on Frank Frazetta Tales.

Joëlle Jones

The importance of the American artist and Eisner nominee Joëlle Jones in the field of US comics cannot be understated. Her art for her ongoing DC Comics (Batman! Supergirl! Wondergirl! Catwoman!), as well as for her very own Lady Killer series published by Dark Horse Comics, is simply phenomenal. If you want to go ‘super’, stop by her Artist Alley booth!

Tina Valentino

Italian fantasy artist Tina Valentino started as an illustrator on the classic Geronimo Stilton and on the comic book adaptation of the cult series True Blood. She is also a cover artist on series such as Aspen and Zenescope. In 2021, she joins the Drakoo label on the series Necromants with the famous fantasy novelist Olivier Gay.

Filipe Andrade

Fan of Jessica Jones, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, Cyberpunk 2077 and the magnificent comic The Many Deaths of Laila Starr? Then stop by Filipe Andrade’s booth in the Artist Alley!

Olivier Brazao (Saturday)

This French artist and author has brought the world joy with series like The Sheewowkees, Le Premier Miracle, Mon Saint Michel – Histoires et légendes, Guy de Maupassant, L’elixir du temps, and more.

Béatrice Tillier (Saturday)

A French fantasy artist who knows how to transport your mind to different realms with a stroke of her pen. She displays this skill in amazing titles like Het maagdenbos (Le bois des vièrges), De klaagzang van de veloren gewesten (Complainte des landes perdues), and Fee en de tedere robots (Fées et tendres automates).

Jérémy (Sunday)

Jérémy Pétiqueux is best known for the comics Vesper, Barracuda, De Ridders van Heliopolis, De klaagzang van de vrloren gewesten and Murena.

Nicolas Demare (Saturday)

This Parisian artist knows exactly how to make fantasy worlds full of amazing creatures seemingly jump out of a piece of paper. You might know his work from fantasy series like Les Filles de Soleil, Merlin – La quête de l’épée, Dwergen, Oracle and more. Check out his artwork!

Bojan Vukić

This Serbian talent is a tried-and-tested fantasy artist, who has proven his merit in the wonderful worlds of Elfen, Merlijn De Profeet, Orakel, Orks & Goblins, Magiërs, Les Élus de Swarga, and more!

Paolo Deplano

Paolo Deplano is another Italian fantasy artist who has proven his worth in the field of European comics. His artwork shines on the pages of Asceltis, Un coin de ciel bleu, Mercenaires, Meester-Inquisiteurs, Dwergen and more.

Dana Dimat

We are happy to welcome this Italian artist with a knack for drawing incredible fantasy characters and realistic body types. You can admire her work in Les Filles de Soleil, Elfen, Les Aventuriers de la Mer, Parfum de Soie, and more!

Philippe Cardona (Saturday)

This talented French artist has mixed quite a few genres with the manga aesthetics, such as fantasy realms in Les Légendaires: Missions, and superheroes in Sentaï School. You should also give his series Noob, Le coeur de Xatim, and Foot 2 rue a try!

Jérôme Alquié

Jérôme Alquié has a real knack for manga-style characters, stories and atmospheres. He was entrusted with an official comic adaptation of the classic Saint Seiya series, and proved his worth in other series like Capitaine Albator, Les Mythics, and Surnaturels.

Be sure to also check his unique Saint Seiya exhibition in the Guest Hall!


Frenchman ZeMial has captivated the European comic market with his manga-western mixed superhero story Shonen Avengers. Watch how an alliance of superheroes combats evil spirits evil spirits across time and galaxies. Yes, it’s as epic as it sounds!

Philippe Wurm (Saturday)

All the way from Switzerland: the artist behind The Rochesters, Edgar P. Jacobs and Lady Elza! Check out his latest entry in the Edgar P. Jacobs series: Doemdromer

Eric Heuvel

This Dutch comic artist is the steady hand behind the January Jones, Bud Broadway, and Geheim van de Tijd comics.

Baudouin Deville (Sunday)

This amazing Belgian artist has translated Belgian history into comic form. Check out his ‘Adventures of Kathleen’ series with Brussel 43, Innovation 67, Leopoldville 60, and more!

Luc Cromheecke (Saturday)

  • De magnifieke Monet
  • De tuin van Daubigny
  • Nero
  • Plunk
  • Tom Carbon
  • Het Godvrrgeten eiland

Shirow Di Rosso

  • Amoras
  • Galaxa
  • Het Verhaal van Vlaanderen
  • Suske & Wiske

Steve Van Bael

  • Nachtwacht
  • De Kiekeboes
  • Figaro
  • Baba Yega

Frodo De Decker (Sunday)

  • Het Verhaal van Vlaanderen
  • De Ridder
  • De Kiekeboes
  • Otto

Jan Van Der Veken (Sunday)

  • Het boek van de ruimtevaart
  • Tellen in ’t Gents
  • Het vliegtuigenboek
  • Het Lam Gods
  • Het botenboek

Harry De Paepe (Sunday)

  • Het Lam Gods
  • Het Verhaal van Vlaanderen
  • Stiff Upper Lips
  • Sausage

Frederik Hautain (Sunday)

  • Meisjes van Medusa
  • Inbreker
  • De Walvis

Lode Peeters (Sunday)

  • Meisjes van Medusa
  • De Drakenridder

Art Grafunkel

  • Great for just about any pop culture drawing
  • Probably one of FACTS’ most loyal Artist Alley members

Alain Mauricet

  • Belgian officially drawing for a world-wide DC Comics market
  • Harley Quinn
  • Star Wars Adventures
  • Tale of Tellos 

Romano Molenaar

  • Dutch artist officially drawing for a world-wide DC Comics market
  • Birds of Prey
  • J.Rom
  • Storm

Kenny Rubenis

  • Dating For Geeks
  • Fokke & Sukke


  • Red Rider
  • De geschiedenis van België
  • Ondanks de ondergang
  • We mogen niks meer zeggen
  • Lectrr & FACTS


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