• Photoshoot: €30
  • Autograph: €30
  • Voice recording: €50
  • Selfie: €30

Voice recordings and selfies are done at the autograph tables.


  • Photoshoots: €85
  • Autographs: €70
  • No selfies


  • Photoshoots: €40
  • Autographs: €30
  • Selfies: €30
  • Autograph + Selfie: €50


  • Photoshoot: €50
  • Autograph: €40
  • Selfie: €50
  • Autograph + Selfie: €80


  • Photoshoot: €50
  • Autograph: €40
  • Selfie: €50
  • Autograph + Selfie: €80

how to get an autograph / SELFIE

There are no presales for autographs / selfie

1. Go to the autograph tables during the signing sessions
2. Ask for an autograph / selfie
3. Pay for it then and there.
4. Sound off a fabulous fandom yell! (optional)

Other payment methods will not be accepted at the signing tables.
You can get cash from the many withdrawal points at FACTS itself.


All actors will be doing signing sessions all day long,
except when they are doing photoshoots, panels, meet & greets or having lunch breaks.
More detailed info will follow soon.

free fandom picture

Nothing to sign, but you want an autograph? Don’t worry! You can choose a picture of the actor/actress for free.

We have a range of different fandoms to choose from, so take your pick!

bring your object

You are free to bring your own object to the autograph tables.

Just make sure that your object is allowed by the Rules and Regulations and that it does not embarrass or upset the actor/actress.


Selfies are allowed if the actor allows them. Ultimately, the choice is with the actor/actress. Ask nicely!

IF the selfies are allowed, then the prices for them will be available at the autograph tables.


You are allowed to bring presents for the actors. 

As with the objects, make sure that your object is allowed by the Rules and Regulations and that it does not embarrass or upset the actor/actress.

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Since 1993, the FACTS organisers have been working their hardest to do right by the thousands of fans that come together in Ghent. We always aim to create a safe space for all our fans to gather, be themselves and make unforgettable memories with like-minded people and guests from all over the world.

With the well-being, health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors, crew and partners as our main priority, FACTS has been closely following and monitoring the evolution of the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, the Corona pandemic, during the last days.

Since the situation in Belgium is becoming more critical every day and since the US government announced travel restrictions to Europe, FACTS has decided to cancel the FACTS Spring 2020 edition due to force majeure.

After considering all possible safety measures, we have ultimately decided to follow the guidance of the local health organisations and governments indicating that mass events should be cancelled.

As our main goal is to offer our amazing community the unique experience they deserve and to guarantee their safety, we simply were left with no other option.

It pains us to take this decision, but we are already looking forward to the next gathering with all our fans, exhibitors and guests on 24 & 25 October in Flanders Expo Ghent. In the meantime, we have worked very hard to guarantee an even more impressive line-up of stars and we are excited to announce that Ian Somerhalder, Rebecca Mader & Troy Baker have already confirmed that they will be present to meet all their fans in Belgium on 24 & 25 October. More guests and surprises will be announced in the coming months.

All our visitors, exhibitors and partners will be contacted personally by e-mail very soon, with more information regarding the next steps. All entry tickets will remain valid for FACTS in October, but visitors will get the choice: keep the ticket(s) for October or ask for a refund. More detailed info on that will follow soon.

We appreciate the support we have received in the past week. The feedback was invaluable in helping us determine this decision.

Kind regards,

The FACTS team