Sit down & play!

In this zone, you get to experience all kinds of
classic and brand new board, card and role-playing games. 

On October 21-22, 2023, FACTS will once again partner up with Spellenspektakel, to erect another spectacular and huge dedicated board gaming hall. If 4.000+ m² full of tabletop gaming sounds sweet like a natural 20, then head to the ticket page, as all FACTS entry ticket types include free access to Spellenspektakel.

Confirmed Board Game Companies

999 Games

The creators of hit games like Catan, Carcassonne, 30 Seconds, Wingspan, and Machiavelli are sprucing up the Spellenspektakel hall with tons of cool tabletop games.


This leading international games publisher and distributor (Ticket To Ride! Pandemic! 7 Wonders! Dobble! Star Wars: X-Wing!) will grant FACTS & Spellenspektakel tons of amazing game initiations and lets-plays.


If you’re from The Netherlands or Belgium, then you know that Ravensburger guarantees overall quality and good family fun. Try their puzzles, party games and licensed games!


One of the biggest and most famous game retailers in the world, known for classics such as Rummikub, Triominos, and Domino Express.

Happy Meeple Games

This board game distributor puts accessibility at the forefront of everything they do. Their games are for everyone, and that includes you! Be sure to check them out for a great time.

Identity Games

The Dutch game company Identity Games will challenge your wits. Can you and your friends find a way to rise above?


This specialised tabletop game retailer is bringing a wide array of great games for you to discover, buy and cherish.

Jack of Dice

The store for all your dice and D&D needs. Go home with the most beautiful dice you can imagine, in all shapes, sizes and colours.

NV Smart

SmartGames are super-fun, logical thinking games for one player. Each game has a unique & innovative game mechanism suitable for young & old. 

Tucker's Fun Factory

A Dutch independent and ecological producer of qualitative games and puzzles. 

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