Sit down & play!

In this zone, you get to experience all kinds of
classic and brand new board, card and role-playing games. 



The bulk of the Board Game Zone can be found in the Fan Village. More tabletop initiations and contests can be found in the Exhibitor Hall!


All day long!

Schedules to be added for contests.

What you can play at FACTS

Flesh & Blood TCG

A ‘New Classic’ Trading Card Game that brings the old days of early Magic: The Gathering back to life. This brand-new collectible card game is aiming to be the next big thing in tabletop land and they might just have the game here to do it. Time to get acquainted!

Dungeons & Dragons

The Delvers are back with a huge 120m² space for amazing Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, tons of creativity and an army of Dungeons Masters willing to guide you through the world of natural 20’s and character sheets.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Gent is willing to teach the game and its PvP aspect to those who want to learn. The surprising depth of their tips & tricks and their enthusiasm may just get you back catching Pokey-mans on the streets. Take the app for a spin at FACTS and keep an eye out for competitions, too!

Pokémon TCG

PokéPlay is using its expertise in the Pokémon Trading Card Game to teach you how to build a deck, how to duel, and more! Also expect Pokémon Sword & Shield, Pokémon Unite, Pokémon Snap & Pokkén Tournament to play at their booth in the Fan Village!


Not so much a board game in itself, but you can join the Fan Village miniature painting workshop lead by Thunderbolts Ghent. Those miniatures get used in astounding Wargaming demos, so pay them a visit!


It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-d-duel at FACTS! The Hub Game Lounge is organising contests and initiations at their booth in the Exhibitor Hall. Are you in touch with the heart of the cards to win? Or are you ready to summon your first Blue-Eyes White Dragon? Come and play!

Magic The Gathering

The Hub Game Lounge also organises contests and initiations for the classic Trading Card Game Magic: The Gathering. Head to the Exhibitor Hall to join the fun!

Trade your board games at Nerdor

The Nerdor crew is setting up a trade shop in the Fan Village!

Bring your old board games to the show, give them to the Nerdor crew and choose a different one to take with you. Give life to your old games and have fun with new loot!

Anime To Play

The fun people of the Anime to Play fanclub are back with a slew of tabletop games, with explanation of enthusiastic moderators. Here’s a small excerpt of the list of games they’ll be bringing to FACTS on November 6-7. Discover dozens more at their Fan Village booth!

Board Games Zone: a Game with Dice at FACTS Fall 2019
Board Games Zone D&D FACTS Fall 2019
Board Games Zone Pokémon Trading Card Game FACTS Fall 2019
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