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Best known as the big, blue-eyed, bear-loving, bearded badass Tormund Giantsbane in Game of Thrones. You may also recognise him as Rhodes in Fast & Furious 8 and as Steinar Hovland in Beck.

Probably best known for his portrayal of the Harry Potter character Neville Longbottom, from the first movie in 2001 to the last in 2011. Swish and click for more details!

World-famous for her portrayal of Thea Queen / Speedy in Arrow. She is also Kaitlin in The O.C., Agnes in Gossip Girl and the voice actress for Aqua in the Kingdom Hearts series.



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All actors will do a Q&A session on the spectacular FACTS Main Stage!


FACTS is the first European convention for this talented artist, so come and get your sketches and autographs for Locke & Key, Sword of Ages, Star Trek, Green Lantern, Spider-Man and much more!

Best known for Locke & Key, ’68, Rising Rebels, Death Dealer & Road of the Dead. He also worked with cool franchises like Godzilla, Spawn, Transformers, TMNT, D&D, Wynonna Earp & more!

This DC Comics & Marvel artist is best known for her work on DC Comics Bombshells, Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica, DCeased: A Good Day to Die, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

Works exclusively for DC Comics on iconic characters such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and on series like Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Teen Titans, Earth 2, Black Magick and more!

Italian comics artist who worked on multiple cool licensed titles like Doctor Who, The X-Files, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Angel and much more. Also did lots of work for multiple Marvel superhero series.

This artist is best known as the indie artist behind Rachel Rising, Echo, Motor Girl, Five Years and more. Also worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse.

Asking official DISNEY artist Ulrich Schröder for a drawing at FACTS guarantees that you’ll leave with a huge smile and a heckin’ beautiful souvenir. Pinky promise!

One of the best Italian Disney artists out there. Able to bring Disney characters to life in a single sketch. So come and get yours at FACTS!

Italian Disney artist who also works on superhero comics like Defenders of the Earth. Can’t have a better combo than that right?

World-wide respected artist. For Marvel, he co-created Young Avengers and worked on Spider-Man, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & more! For DC, he is best known for Justice League.

This Canadian artist has worked for DC Comics, Marvel and other big comic companies. Specialises in Justice League, X-Men, and so much more.

The creators of the popular web comic One of Those Days is heading to Ghent! Come and say hi to the internet’s most relatable power couple.

Jérémy Pétiqueux is best known as the artist behind the comics Barracuda and The Knights of Heliopolis. He is the artist who did the colours of Murena.

This Italian artist made excellent art for the comic series The Master Inquisitors, Shadowman, OSS17 and more!

Artist for Dynamite, Boom! Studios, IDW Publishing, Soleil Editions and other cool comic publishers. If you’re looking for awesome geeky sketches, then look no further!

Belgian artist Mohamed Aouamri will blow you away with his artwork of Saga Valta and other European style comics!

ARTIST SKETCHES & commissions

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Germia is a female gamer, crafting and gaming streamer and an astoundingly talented cosplayer from the Czech Republic.

International German Cosplayer Lara Wegenaer works together withTHQ Nordic and was part of the official Overwatch Cosplay Battle with a badass Dragon Symmetra.



This Belgian artist debuted last year with ‘Sisters of the Atom’ and now promotes the fairy tale remake ‘Peter & Pan’. He will be available at the booth of Brugse Boekhandel on both days for autographs and talks.


This author from Ghent, the home town of FACTS, is promoting her new novel called ‘Wintercode’. Come and check it out at the Brugse Boekhandel booth! Pen Stewart will be available on both days.


The author of the ‘Overstekers’ fantasy book series. She will be available at the booth of Brugse Boekhandel for autographs and talks.


Author of the books ‘Dust’ (Stof) and ‘Heart-Beat’ (Hart-Slag). She will be available at the booth of Brugse Boekhandel for autographs and talks.


Authors of the Nerds! book. They will be available at the booth of Brugse Boekhandel for autographs and talks.

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