Flanders Expo, Maaltekouter 1 in Ghent. By car, take exit 14 off the E40, straight to the parking lot. Tram 1 takes you right to the door. 

FACTS is open on Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm, and on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Fast Pass and VIP ticket holders can already get inside from 9 am.

In the middle of Hall 4, there’s a photo booth where you can have a photo taken of yourself with your favourite star. Just buy a ticket at the FACTS booth across from the set, and practice your best Colgate smile. We advise you to buy your photoshoot tickets online! Once they are sold out in presales, they are no longer available at FACTS.

Click here for photoshoot tickets & more info!

A huge Question & Answer show. This is the moment at FACTS when you can ask the actors things that you always wanted to know. Obviously, celebrities are also real people who don’t like inappropriate or rude questions. But you’re not that kind of fan, right?

For more information, check this page!

The Artist Alley features famous (and up-and-coming) cartoonists and artists rubbing shoulders and basking in the interest of readers who are there to grab their drawings. Have a chat, buy a strip or a drawing, get a signature on your arm or ask them to make an anime version of yourself.

For more information on artist sketches and autographs, check this page!

Yes. Please note that our guests will request a fee for an autograph.

For prices and more info, check this page!

The programme on both days is largely the same, unless otherwise stated. It may happen that a band, entertainer or special guest can only be present on one day. Since it is almost impossible to visit all the activities on one day, it is definitely worth coming to FACTS for two days.

No Space Bucks or Galactic Credit Standards, please. Only euros. And often only cash (it depends on the exhibitor). We have our own cash desks at FACTS.

We are currently not looking for new blood in the Guardians volunteer team, but you can always send us an e-mail with your application: info@facts.be.

Comfortable shoes! Your feet will thank you later.
Bring cash, as there is no ATM on site and many vendors do not take plastic. We do, however, have manned cash desks in Hall 1.
Bring a camera to take pictures of the many costumed convention-goers (ask permission first!)
A tube for posters, or Artist Alley sketches / commissions if you plan to buy any, and an empty short box if you plan to buy many comics.
An open mind: you may discover a new aspect of this great world we call fandom, which you may not have known existed before attending FACTS. Embrace the geekiness and you will get an amazing community in return!

Tickets and Queues

You do not have to print out your FACTS ticket. Showing it on a smartphone screen is enough. Just make sure that there’s nothing that could make scanning more difficult, like cracks in the screen, and turn up the brightness of your smartphone screen.

Through the door (the teleportation machines are planned for 2260). No, seriously, print your ticket and take it along with you to FACTS, or show it on your phone. The bar code must be clearly visible. When you get there, choose the line “I have a ticket”. Otherwise, you’ll queue needlessly.

Yes, just ask the security people for a stamp and show it when you want to go back inside.

Yes. Entrance is free for children who have not yet reached the age of 11, if they are accompanied by a paying adult. Please bring their identity cards along with you so we can check that you are not cheating!

Registration for a free kids ticket is no longer necessary. They can enter FACTS for free without any ticket or registration. 

No. But our personnel will be especially kind to these fans.

The accompanying person of a wheelchair patient or blind person can enter FACTS for free, without a ticket. 
This rule only applies if the wheelchair patient or blind person is a paying visitor in possession of a valid FACTS entry ticket. In all other cases, the accompanying person needs to be in possession of a valid FACTS entry ticket as well.

In short:

  • Only wheelchair patients and blind people can take an accompanying person with them for free. 
  • Accompanying people of blind or wheelchair bound children who are younger than 11 are excluded from this rule, since they can enter FACTS for free and are thus not seen as ‘paying visitors with a valid FACTS entry ticket’.
  • You no longer need a valid medical certificate from a doctor for this exception rule.

No, that’s impossible. The only way to get signatures of our FACTS guests is by coming to the signing sessions during the FACTS weekend. But you’ll get to choose one of our many fandom pictures for free. You can also bring your own items, if you like.

First, check your spam folder. If you still can’t find your ticket, send a mail to the technical team via https://www.seetickets.com/nl/customerservice

Unfortunately not. Sorry! You can also read about the ticket policy in our rules & regulations document. 

We have never actually had to refuse someone because we were completely full, but that could happen in the future. You can buy tickets online until the day before the event; it is cheaper. Really: why would you do it any other way?

It’s the best decision you’ve ever made! With a Fast Pass ticket, you can gain admittance at 9 am instead of 10 am, and you can use a fast lane for certain non-guest activities and certain catering points.

You can buy one by clicking on the ‘Buy your ticket’ buttons on our ticket pages. But don’t hesitate too long, because there aren’t that many available!

We can recommend the Fast Pass Tickets! With this ticket type, you can enter FACTS at 9 am instead of 10 am, and get a fast lane for certain non-guest activities and certain catering points. Owners of a VIP ticket also get to enjoy this great privilege, amongst many other benefits. Read all about it on our ticket pages!


Yes, you get a discount compared to the Standard Ticket. The only requirement is that you come to FACTS all dressed up. It’s like a big ‘thank you’ from us for the beauty and smiles you bring to FACTS every edition!

No. But you must be costumed to enter with a cosplay ticket, of course. And just putting on a green plastic raincoat to look like Link won’t cut it. Make an effort!

We have extensive regulations about weapons (and anyway, the law is pretty strict). Click here to check out the Weapon Rules and General rules and regulations.

But no matter what, the rule will always be: if you have a weapon, you make a pitstop at the Weapon Check booth before entering. This crew works independently and always has the final word.

Yes. You can leave your Blade leather jacket or your Gandalf coat (or even a coat from AS Adventure, of course) in a locker at the entrance. You can also leave your backpack and bag in it. Lockers cost ten euros and you get five euros back at the end of your visit. Important: your locker must be empty at the end of the day. Remember that the same rules apply to all public places: leave nothing unattended or security people will pick it up. And keep an eye on your stuff: we are not responsible for theft or damage.

Yes. There will be changing rooms available at the entrance.

Yes, but we would like you to read into the concept of Cosplay is not Consent. In short: be respectful, ask for a picture first and accept the fact that not everyone wants to be photographed all the time. Never forget that cosplayers are just fans like you, looking to enjoy the event in their own way.

Yes! You can exchange your Cosplay ticket for a Standard ticket at the cash register at the FACTS entrance. You just pay for the price difference between a Standard and Cosplay ticket. You cannot exchange it for a Fast Pass or VIP ticket.

Parking and travel

Tram 1 will take you from the Ghent Sint-Pieter train station to the entrance of FACTS.
Buses 76, 77 and 78 is also known to take humans to the venue with all limbs intact.
A tram or bus ride is not included in a FACTS entry ticket.

You can leave your TIE Fighter, TARDIS, Elytra or flying My Little Pony on the parking facilities of Flanders Expo, which can be accessed directly via Exit 14 of the E40 motorway (Brussels – Ostend).

Parkings B & C will now be working with license plate recognition instead of parking tickets. The price for parking is 10 euro during the FACTS weekend. The parking prices are not the decision of FACTS. These parking lots are owned by the City of Ghent and their earnings are for the city.

You can find those on the parking lots of PA4, B and C. PA4 is also the VIP Parking Area, but you’ll be able to reach it with a valid disability card.

For a detailed plan, check this website.


Of course, that’s what it’s for. It’s only prohibited where explicitly indicated, (but that’s just about nowhere). However, publishing the images afterwards is another matter. You can only do that if you have received our permission.

Possibly, yes. We can also use all the footage without your explicit consent (which is mentioned in the fine print on your ticket). But rest assured: we are always very respectful.

No. And futuristic devices like electronic cigarettes are also prohibited inside. There are smoking areas outside between Hall 3 and Hall 5, and between Hall 5 and Hall 7.

No. We only admit guide dogs (with documents and the appropriate equipment) and people dressed as Alf or Falkor, for example.

Yes. The fantastic Red Cross has wheelchairs ready for you in Hall 1. However, it’s safer to call beforehand, to make sure that there is one set aside for you.

Phone number: (+32) (0)9/241.97.13

Then we’ll take you to the first aid station and you get a kiss from the nurse (or we call the ambulance if it is serious, of course). FACTS is not responsible; however, we’ll do our utmost to help you as much as we can.

We are extremely strict when it comes to bullying. Anyone who goes beyond the limits will be thrown out immediately.
If you see anyone getting harassed, please come and tell us at the info booth. You can find it on the floor plan, which you can get for free at the entrance.

Of course. Congratulations by the way. (And don’t worry, we can keep a secret!). Send us a mail at info@facts.be and we’ll see together how we can turn your proposal into a Leela & Fry special.

They are ground up to make Jabba the Hutt food. No, actually, we give them first to the police, who have an office at the entrance of the exhibition. They keep lost stuff for a while afterwards. Calling 09 266 69 14 is often enough to check if they’ve found your backpack.

Enjoy. Getting lost is finally just another word for “discovering new things”. Children who have lost their way are warmly and kindly welcomed by our staff and reunited with their parents as quickly as possible.

The toilets are located between Hall 1 and Hall 3 and between Hall 1 and Hall 7. This visit costs a small fee of 60 cents.

Yes, but there will be check-ups. The less you bring, the easier and faster the lines will be for everyone.
If you want to leave your bag at the entrance, you can use one of our many lockers and cloak rooms.

Yes, as long as its for own use and in reasonable amounts. There are, however, a lot of amazing food experiences to be had at the FACTS catering points, too.

The Actor panels on the Main Stage will always be held in English.
The ‘smaller’ workshops and panels will also be held in English as much as possible, although some panels will be predominantly held in Dutch. Check every activity for exceptions.

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