Planning a meeting with fellow fans, at FACTS? Then let us know the day, time, and theme, and get listed in our new Fan Meet-up Overview.
✔️ It can attract more fans
✔️ Photographers can tag in
✔️ And who knows, maybe an actor of your fandom comes in for a visit! 👀
Pokémon card trades, themed cosplay gatherings, singalongs, you can send in all proposals via this online form, or check which meet-ups are already planned.

Proposed meet-ups by fans

Please note that these meet-ups are organised by individual fans, not by FACTS itself.

Helluva Boss / Hazbin Hotel

Sunday, hour TBD, Fan Village

Hermitcraft / Empires SMP / Life series

Sunday, hour TBD, Artist Alley

Musical Cosplay Community Meet-up

Saturday, hour TBD, Cosplay Hall

Barbie meet-up

Saturday, hour TBD, Location TBD

Back to the Future meet-up

Sunday, hour TBD, Location TBD

Pokémon Go Trade Session

Sunday, hour TBD, Spellenspektakel

Disney Cosplay Meet Saturday

Saturday, 13:00h, Location TBD

Disney Cosplay Meet Sunday

Sunday, 13:00h, Location TBD
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