Get bombarded by all kinds of amazing gaming experiences in the FACTS Gaming Hall!

From retrogames to new, unreleased demos,
from arcade halls to pinball machines and Virtual Reality,
we have something for every generation. 

Come and take a look!


Interactive karting returns

Supercube is back with its 360 interactive karting experience at FACTS!

Challenge your friends in an ever-changing digital circuit and come out on top, with screeching tires and sabotaging items. BONUS: enter the competition to design a new level for the karting circuit!

Exclusive Pokémon Go opportunities

Don’t miss out! We’ll officially be partnering up with Pokémon GO for FACTS. Enjoy special in-game bonuses at the event location: 6 hour Lure Modules, plus encounter Joltik, Porygon and Unown F & G upon completion of Field Research.


Technopolis is ready to inspire you through the wonders of laser cutters. These powerful cutting and engraving machines can turn cardboard, wood and plastic into pieces of cosplay, emblems, fanart, board game scenery, and more.

Just Dance by Ubisoft

To quote the great Captain Falcon: Show Me Ya Moves! Ubisoft returns with the amazing Just Dance group activity. 

Beat a machine in Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

Can you beat the computer with a simple hand gesture? Go head-to-head with machine learning as a hero in the Star Trek variant of the well-known Rock-Paper-Scissors game at the booth of Arteveldehogeschool.

3D Full Body Scanning

We cannot guarantee you a place among the stars as a hero, but we can immortalise you as a figurine. The 3D experts of Artevelde-hogeschool will take a full body scan of you and with some luck, you can pick up your own 3D printed doll later.

Pixel Generator

Ever zoomed in on yourself? Based on a recorded photo via webcam, you can see yourself in different resolutions on LED matrices. Check out this tech at the Arteveldehogeschool booth!

Deepfake Heroes

Didn’t find a cosplay costume and still want to fight villains? With the deepfake technology of Arteveldehogeschool, you’ll spontaneously transform into your favourite superhero.

(Retro) Game Stores

Super Gaby Games, Retro Gaming Fun, Askew Gaming, … The Geek Market will have no shortage of old and new video games, or gaming related plushies, art and other goodies for you to buy.

Draw My Pad

Make your very own custom game controller for PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo Switch over at the vending booth of Draw My Pad, in the Geek Market.

Retro & Arcade Games

Follow the sounds of beeps and boops to the arcade cabinets and other retro games for a wave of nostalgia. 

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