The FACTS Mothership has the health of its passengers as the highest priority this year, so the crew is cooking up a strong decontamination protocol. Undressing and disinfecting with a fire hose won’t be necessary, but FACTS does have a lot of other measures to keep Facehuggers, Venom symbiotes and viruses at bay.

Cleaning & Hygiene


We disinfect all touched surfaces regularly with a type of disinfectant that is also used in hospitals. The electrostatic sprayers meet the most rigid hygiene standards.

Hand hygiene

Disinfecting hand gel will be available in all shared spaces. Please disinfect your hands regularly. Disposable gloves will be available as well.

Food & Drinks

You can still buy food and drinks in one of our many catering points. Our caterer will respect all safety guidelines of the government.

Cashless payment

For health reasons, we only accept cashless payments in our catering points. We also recommend our exhibitors to only accept cashless payments as much as possible.

Personal protection & detection

Face masks

Face masks are mandatory at FACTS (12+). We recommend that you wear your own mask, but there will be face masks for sale at FACTS, should you have forgotten yours.

Plexiglass shields

We will provide plexiglass screens at our info point and at all catering points.

Physical distancing

Crowd density standards

To ensure enough physical distance between visitors, we will monitor the number of attendees at all times, in compliance with the local government.

Social Distancing

We ask everyone to maintain a 1,5m distance from each other.

Avoid physical contact

We can’t have physical contact in a greeting. Don’t give each other a hand and don’t kiss anyone.

Online ticket sales

Buy tickets in online presales! They are no longer available at the cash register at the entrance. You can print your code or bring it on a smartphone. We will scan the code at the (touchless) scanning stations. 

Registration timeslot

You need to choose a specific time slot when registering or buying your FACTS tickets. Only then can we respect the social distancing rules together. 

One-way-only aisles

One-way traffic in the corridors will help to ensure a safe and pleasant visit. Attendees will cross each other less and will be able to keep a 1,5m social distance more easily. 

Directional walkways

Some corridors will be sufficiently wide to allow visitors to walk in both directions. In that case, please respect the walking directions and signage. 

Maximum capacity at Content stages

Conference areas will also allow for social distancing, with 1.5 metres between chairs. This means there will be limited capacity, so please arrive early. Some chairs may be marked as unavailable. Please respect this instruction and do not move the chairs.

Stay home if you feel ill

Are you showing symptoms of illness, however small they may be? Then please don’t come to FACTS. 

Thank you!

For being a corona superhero.
Live long and prosper and see you soon at FACTS!

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