“Hello there, weary traveler. I see that you are very excited to enter the FACTS forest!

But hold your horses, unicorns, steampunk speeders or whatever transportation method you used to get here. First, I need to inform you of our magical barriers and instruct you on how to convert your human fandom magic into barriers of your own, to keep the darkness out. Should be no issue for lively creatures like yourselves! And don’t worry, we won’t string you up on the Origin Tree and splash you with magical potions. Not for this at least.

These barriers should last until April 2-3, but the other forest inhabitants and I will monitor the situation beyond the forest outskirts. Anywho, here we go!”


FACTS will only be accessible through

  • A valid COVID SAFE TICKET (mandatory starting from 12), printed or on a smartphone (think of your battery power)
  • An identity card
  • A valid entry ticket

For FACTS, everyone must present a Covid Safe Ticket: visitors, exhibitors, stand personnel and staff. A valid Covid Safe Ticket is issued to:

  • Holders of a valid vaccination certificate who have been fully vaccinated for more than 2 weeks
  • Holders of a recovery certificate less than 6 months old
  • Those who have a negative PCR test taken no more than 48 hours prior to the trade show
  • Those who have a quick negative antigen test administered by medically trained personnel no more than 24 hours prior to the event

Take into account that a PCR test has a limited validity of just 72 hours after the day of testing. Antigen tests are only valid for 48 hours after the day of testing. In other words, you may have to get tested again during the event.

Self-tests that you can buy in a pharmacy and perform yourself are NOT valid for access to the festival.

For more information on obtaining a Covid Safe Ticket, its validity and use, please visit :

Food & Drinks

You can still purchase food and drinks at our events and venues. Our caterers will respect all the security rules that are imposed by the government.

Cashless payments

To protect your health and safety, we highly recommend cashless payments


All surfaces at are treated with hospital-grade disinfectants. The most frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected at regular intervals. 

Hand hygiene

Hand sanitiser stations will be available everywhere on the exhibition floor and in common areas such as seminar theatres. Please make good use of them!

Face Masks

Face masks are not obligatory at our event. We kindly recommend that you wear a face mask upon entering the event, especially in closed or crowded spaces.

Plexiglass shields

Plexiglass shields will be installed at registration desks, information points, catering points and all counters staffed by team members throughout the event floor.


Finally, as much as we want to see you at our events, we kindly ask you to respect everyone’s health and safety. If you feel at all ill – including mild cold symptoms or a high temperature – please stay at home.

Social Distancing

We recommend that attendees and visitors respect the 1,5 meter distance where possible.


Actors, artists and other guests choose which measures will be taken at their own activities. That goes for, but is not limited to, photoshoot sessions, autographs, and selfies. To see which measures each actor is taking, monitor the guest pages. We will update when we can. 

Your safety has always been one of our top priorities, and now more than ever. We’ve implemented new guidelines and policies to make our events and venues the cleanest and safest places to meet and do business. Every attendee, including visitors, exhibitors, partners and staff are expected to comply with our health and safety requirements.

This Health & Safety protocol was created in partnership with SGS and is designed to ensure your safety and peace of mind while attending our event..


“Faestvil the sorceress will be pleased with such dedicated and disciplined visitors to her forest.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some decorating to do. Those tree saplings won’t plant themselves!”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You undoubtedly have many questions about the health measures that will apply during FACTS. Below you will find the list of frequently asked questions on this subject. Still have questions after reading this list? Don’t hesitate to ask us your own question via!

You are the heart of this event, so your safety comes first!

The COVID SAFE TICKET will get you into FACTS if you:

1. Present a complete vaccination schedule (2 doses Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca or 1 dose Johnson & Johnson) that has been completed at least 2 weeks ago
2. Present a negative PCR test less than 48 hours old
o Validity: day of sampling + 2 days (end of validity at 23:59)
3. Present a NEGATIVE ANTIGENIC test less than 24 hours old
o Validity: day of sampling + 1 day (expires at 23:59)
4. Have a certificate of cure following a positive PCR test (dated more than 10 days and less than 180 days ago) via the CovidSafeBE application or to be printed via the / MaSanté.be website.

Download the CovidSafeBe-app and show your COVID Safe Ticket at the festival entrance via the app or on paper. The ticket inspector will scan it through an official app to check its validity.

A multitude of reasons.

Firstly, because the government requires the festival organisation to ensure your safety through the COVID Safe Ticket.
Secondly, because FACTS is primarily known for its friendly atmosphere. The COVID Safe Ticket ensures that the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum and that the festival is held in conditions comparable to the beloved pre-coronation times. We are not alone in this: the most famous conventions (San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con…) and all other local events apply the same entry conditions to guarantee the safety of their events.

From the age of 12 you get asked to present a COVID Safe Ticket at the entrance.

That depends on the type of test. A PCR test is valid for 48 hours. An antigen test is valid for 24 hours. If you have been vaccinated more than 14 days ago or you have a proof of recovery , there is no problem. 

  • If you are from an EU member state, you can present the European Digital COVID Certificate via your country’s app.
  • If you do NOT have an EU COVID Certificate from another member state, you will have to get tested in Belgium to obtain a certificate. Plan to arrive the day before or a few hours before the festival so that you have time to get your certificate after your test.

You have two options: a PCR test OR an antigenic test carried out in a pharmacy.

For the PCR test: validity = day of sampling + 48h (2 days).
For a rapid antigenic test performed by a properly trained health professional (in a pharmacy): validity = day of sampling + 24 hours (1 day).
Self-tests that you can buy in a pharmacy and perform yourself are not valid for access to the festival.

You have two options: a PCR test OR an antigenic test carried out in a pharmacy by a trained health professional.

  • For the PCR: validity = day of sampling + 48h (2 days).
  • For the rapid antigenic test performed by a properly trained health professional (in a pharmacy): Validity = day of sampling + 24h (1 day).

Then, you must first download your COVID Safe Ticket from or or
Then print it and present yourself with your COVID Safe Ticket, your ID card and your ticket at the entrance of the festival.

You must first download your COVID Safe Ticket from the CovidSafeBE app or print it out via or or

Then, with your COVID Safe Ticket on your app or in paper form, your ID card and your ticket at the entrance of the festival.

Yes, you can! There will be a test center at the entrance of FACTS. Please note that it will most likely be used by a lot of people, so it is still recommended to get the necessary tests and documents before you head to FACTS. There will also be a fee connected to the service.

No, but we strongly recommend it, especially in busy areas. We can assure you that everyone who enters FACTS will be either vaccinated, tested or have a proof of COVID recovery, but two precautions are better than one. 

No. As long as you are not on FACTS grounds and you have not yet passed the “COVID Safe Ticket” check, you will have to respect the general, nation-wide measures in force: social distancing, masks… You will have to respect these measures in the surrounding car parks, in the street… depending on the governmental decisions planned for November.

We also strongly recommend that you keep your mask on and respect the social distancing within the festival in order to reduce the risks as much as possible.