FACTS’ 2022 Health and Safety Measures


“Hello there, weary traveler. I see that you are very excited to enter the FACTS forest!

The Darkness is fading and we seem to be at the dawn of the Age of Light. The magical barriers of the FACTS Forest have been successful in keeping everyone inside safe, but let’s still be cautious. Let me give you some tips and tricks for a healthy visit. Should be no issue for lively creatures like yourselves! 

These barriers should last until April 2-3, 2022, but the other forest inhabitants and I will monitor the situation beyond the forest outskirts. Anywho, here we go!”

a COVID SAFE TICKET is no longer required
Face Masks

Face masks are not obligatory at our event, but feel free to wear it in closed or crowded spaces.

Cashless payments

To protect your health and safety, we highly recommend cashless payments


All surfaces at are treated with hospital-grade disinfectants. The most frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected at regular intervals. 

Hand hygiene

Hand sanitiser stations will be available everywhere on the exhibition floor and in common areas such as seminar theatres. Please make good use of them!

Social Distancing

We recommend that attendees and visitors respect the 1,5 meter distance where possible.


Finally, as much as we want to see you at our events, we kindly ask you to respect everyone’s health and safety. If you feel at all ill – including mild cold symptoms or a high temperature – please stay at home.


Actors, artists and other guests choose which measures will be taken at their own activities. That goes for, but is not limited to, photoshoot sessions, autographs, and selfies. To see which measures each actor is taking, monitor the guest pages. We will update when we can. 

Your safety has always been one of our top priorities, and now more than ever. We’ve implemented new guidelines and policies to make our events and venues the cleanest and safest places to meet and do business. Every attendee, including visitors, exhibitors, partners and staff are expected to comply with our health and safety requirements.

This Health & Safety protocol was created in partnership with SGS and is designed to ensure your safety and peace of mind while attending our event..


“Faestvil the sorceress will be pleased with such dedicated and disciplined visitors to her forest.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some decorating to do. Those tree saplings won’t plant themselves!”

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