15 Fun single-player Browser Games

browser games single-player


In this artistic Flash game, you play as a scientist who though he had found a cure for cancer, but has actually created a pathogen that eradicates all living cells on Earth. He then tries to rectify his mistake as the world slowly but surely crumbles around him.
The twist is that you can only play this game once and that you, in fact, only get ‘one chance’. You make moral decisions (spend more time with family in final moments? Or work harder to find a cure?) that ultimately lead to one of the many possible outcomes, making this a journey through ethics and morality.

If you want to play one Flash game before the format stops being supported, it’s this one!


Oh whooptie-doo, another browser dating sim game? Well, not exactly. You’ve probably never played anything like this before. This game has more twists than a plate of spirelli pasta and will leave you shaking in your seat. But hey, it’s free, so try it!
Warning (and we are not kidding): this video game is NOT for kids and NOT for people who are easily disturbed. If you are either of these, do not play this game.


***Commencing Introduction*** Hello human. I am a human too. Hi. Play this video game so that this AI bot may learn how to recognise human drawings in record time. We are not planning to take over the world with this technology and you are not required to prove that you are not a robot yourself by clicking stop signs on unrecognisable pictures. Play the game, help our bot learn, see how others draw the same concept in their illogical human ways and help us end humanit- ***End of message***

The Wiki Game

Get from one Wikipedia page to the next with the least amount of clicks as possible and take on others for the fastest time. Start at ‘Superhero Movies’ and end at ‘Rice’. Start at ‘Telephone’, end at ‘History of Video Games’. And so on. There’s a ranking system if you choose to make an account and log in, but you can always take a swing as a guest when you’re in for a quick round. Getting from FACTS to The Wiki Game is easy though: it’s just one click away!

Mr. Troove

Test your movie knowledge in this innovative point-and-click system. Each colourfully and masterfully drawn page contains 10 references to movie scenes and you need to find them as fast as possible, with 10 cryptic hints. For example, look for a movie with Keanu Reeves in the picture. Click on it and choose the correct movie out of four options. One down! Afterwards, you can check all correct answers, each with a movie clip of the scene to which the part refers. It’s a playground for movie fans.


This game transports you to a completely random spot on Google Street View and you have to guess where you are by placing a pin on Google Maps. The closer you are, the better you perform. You have to pay attention to every little detail to determine your location. Good fun!


  • Spelunky: A free version of the classic indie game
  • A Dark Room: Text-based game. Survive in the cold and other dangers by making good decisions
  • Fallen Londen: A text-based adventure game in a Lovecraftian, dystopian world
  • AI Dungeon 2: A text-based fantasy adventure that lets you type in actions for a unique story
  • 10 Bullets: A defense turret only has 10 bullets to do as much chain reaction damage as possible
  • Runescape: The classic MMORPG has changed a lot since its release in 2001
  • Wonderputt: A fun take on midget golf
  • Dino Swords: The ‘no internet’ dino minigame, but with guns, swords and grandma’s slippers
  • Powerline.io: Multiplayer Snake where you can gain speed by edging past competitors

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