Willa Holland


This American actress is probably best known for her portrayal of Thea Queen / Speedy in CW's popular Arrow series. She is also Kaitlin Cooper in The O.C., Agnes Andrews in Gossip Girl and the voice actress for Aqua in the Kingdom Hearts series.


  • Thea Queen / Speedy in Arrow
  • Aqua in the Kingdom Hearts¬†series
  • Kaitlin Cooper in The O.C.
  • Agnes Andrews in Gossip Girl

And much more!


Willa Holland has been part of the Arrow cast as Thea Queen, aka Speedy, since the 2012 pilot episode. She evolved from the spoiled rich kid in the early days of the show to the skillful superhero in the iconic red hooded suit. She was trained by Malcolm Merlyn (2018 FACTS guest John Barrowman’s character), after all.

One could say that Willa Holland rose to ranks thanks to her performance in the popular drama series The O.C., where she beautifully portrayed Kaitlin Cooper for two years (2006-2007). This paved the way to not only Arrow, but also to (lead) roles in many other cool series and movies, such as Gossip Girl, Legion, Straw Dogs, and Tiger Eyes.

We also recommend experiencing her voice acting skills by playing the Kingdom Hearts games, in which she voices Keyblade Master Aqua.

If you want to meet this amazingly talented American actress, then you know what to do! Come and join us at FACTS Fall 2019, on October 19-20, in Flanders Expo Ghent! Willa Holland will be available for photoshoots, autographs and panels on Saturday and Sunday.


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