The FACTS mothership is never idle. It is forever gathering sci-fi, comics, anime and many other treasures on its eternal journey, passing even the most remote corners of our universe.

The FACTS mothership always lands at the same location on planet Earth, to share its wealth with you:

Flanders Expo
Maaltekouter 1
9051 Ghent

Where to park

You can leave your TIE Fighter, TARDIS or other vehicle on our parking lot:
Flanders Expo provides its own parking facilities, which can be accessed directly via Exit 14 of the E40 motorway (Brussels – Ostend). 

A parking day ticket costs 10€. This price is not the decision of FACTS. The parking lots are owned by the City of Ghent and their earnings are for the city.

Click here for a full plan of the area around Flanders Expo

Free ride on Tram 1

In case you’d rather leave your trusty steed, Speeder Bike or other vehicle at home, take Tram 1 at the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station, direction Flanders Expo. If you’re in possession of a FACTS ticket, the ride will be free of charge.