Fellow fans,
Gather all lightsabers, magic wands, LEGO bricks and other geeky symbols, because it’s time to reconstruct the FACTS Fan Village! And we are giving YOU a chance to get a spot in Belgium’s geekiest village.

Why should you join the FACTS Fan Village?

FACTS keeps on growing!

With the positive vibes of the previous successful editions, we are expecting a higher number of fans. That means lots of fun, but also lots of chances to convince newcomers to join your ranks!

It’s the ideal place to meet fellow fans!

More than one third of all FACTS fans indicated that they come to our convention specifically to meet other fans with the same interests. Meeting actual fan clubs and specialists will only lead them to consider joining a fan club themselves.

It’s a great experience for fans AND fanclubs!

  • Fraternising with thousands of fellow fans at once is an amazing feeling.
  • Two Doctor Who actors visiting the Belgian Whovians, Star Trek actor Brent Spiner on the Captain’s Chair of the Belgian Voyage Club,… You never know what’s going to happen at FACTS!
  • And that’s not all: most fan clubs find charities to highlight and to donate to through fun and uniting activities. Everybody wins!
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