Spellenspektakel à FACTS

Asseyez-vous et jouez !

Dans cette zone, vous pourrez découvrir toutes sortes de jeux de société classiques et nouveaux jeux de plateau, de cartes et de rôle. Ce nouveau concept vous est proposé par les équipes de Spellenspektakel et FACTS. Attendez-vous à voir les plus grands éditeurs de jeux de société présenter leurs classiques et leurs nouveautés, des fan-clubs de jeux de société et bien plus encore !

Already confirmed:


This leading international games publisher and distributor (Ticket To Ride! Pandemic! 7 Wonders! Dobble! Star Wars: X-Wing!) will grant FACTS & Spellenspektakel tons of amazing game initiations and lets-plays.

999 Games

The creators of hit games like Catan, Carcassonne, 30 Seconds, Wingspan, and Machiavelli are sprucing up the Spellenspektakel hall with tons of cool tabletop games AND the Belgian Championship of Saboteur!


If you’re from The Netherlands or Belgium, then you know that Ravensburger guarantees overall quality and good family fun. Try their puzzles, party games and licensed games, like Disney Villainous!

Goliath Games

Goliath Games
Try out their party games at this event, like the hilarious card game Shit HappensRainbow Pirates, Name5, the mysterious There’s Been a Murder, and more!

Game Brewer

Discover the amazing board game Paris AND the exciting new titles of Game Brewer that were freshly released during Spiel ’22: the druid themed game Oak and the historical themed The Palaces of Carrara.

Identity Games

Identity Games
The Dutch game company Identity Games will challenge your wits with Escape Room: The Game. Can you and your friends find a way to rise above?

NRP Games

NRP Games is presenting the tile games Rifuglio and Menhirs in the Mist to the world and you get to be the lucky few who play it. Check it out!

Keep Exploring Games

Keep Exploring Games
Discover a vast array of card, board and party games from this Dutch board game publisher.

Happy Meeple Games

This board game distributor puts accessibility at the forefront of everything they do. Their games are for everyone, and that includes you! Be sure to check them out for a great time.

Tactic Games

From great educational games for children to trivia and party games for grown-ups, the durable Finnish company Tactic has what you need to liven up a quiet afternoon.

Level 21

Level 21 is the name, educational games are their … game.


In this Kickstarter game, you get to humiliate your fellow bar mates in a bunch of cool minigames. If you lose, you get more and more drunk, which causes you to drop in levels. Be the first to get to level 5!

Even more board gaming pleasures coming soon!

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