A Geeky Guide for Christmas Gift Inspiration: Part 1

OH GOD IT’S DECEMBER ALREADY? Yes, yes it is. And you are probably in dire need of some kind of special lightbulb in your head that goes ‘ding’, right? Not to worry, FACTS, Your Belgian Comic Con, has your back with original and geeky Christmas and holiday gift inspiration. Plus, we get to support the FACTS merchants in tough corona times. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and we hope to welcome you for another geeky party on April 2-3 and October 22-23 2022 in Flanders Expo Ghent!

Disney Facets & Traditions Collections

via UniekCadeau.com

This website is hooking you up with the amazingly beautiful Disney Facets and Jim Shore’s Disney Traditions collections. The Facets collection consists of cut glass ornaments like the Stitch one on the cover image. The Traditions collection has a whole array of lovely ceramic Disney scenes in old-school fashion. Either way, your loved one’s Christmas tree or mantlepiece will get a significant upgrade with this gift.

Bubbletea Gift Card

by 8Tea5 Ghent

The lines at their booth every FACTS edition confirm it: these bubble teas inject happiness through your taste buds. So why not give your loved ones a gift card for a few of these tasty bad boys? You can even join them to see their happy faces and get one for yourself. Win-win!


by Spelhuis

Not enough place for a big air hockey table? Then Spelhuis has the answer: Klask! Get your hand under the table and move the pawns to score on the other side and protect your own. Easy concept, good execution, endless fun. Sounds like the perfect holiday gift!

Hand-made ceramic Christmas ornaments & cards

by Loeff Bureau Creative

The Dutch artists Charlotte & Pat of Loeff Bureau Creative are a steady force in the FACTS Creators Corner and are proving to be a life saver in terms of neat Christmas gifts. Her hand-made ceramic ornaments would look great in any X-mas decoration and pretty much anyone would be extra grateful to receive their unique holiday cards. Check it out!

2021 theme puzzle

by Puzzle in a Bag

After the ‘Dear 2020, thanks for nothing’ puzzle, the founders of the Ghentish start-up Puzzle in a Bag are establishing a year themed puzzle tradition. From Trump and his evil Twitter Bird Destroyers to the Mars Curiosity Rover and the PS5, the puzzle is a great conversation starter and gift. But they have much more puzzling fun in store for you on their website.

Pokémon advent calendar

by HiroCards

If you have any big Pokémon fans in your entourage, then you might want to consider the brand-new Pokémon advent calendars. Each door hides a special detailed Pokémon statuette or holiday themed item. Besides the one you see in this post, there’s also a deluxe version with sounds and lights, if you want to get extra fancy. 

Buttons, cards and bookmarks with unique ink art

by Tintenbaum

High-quality art prints, stickers and much more, based on hand-painted ink works and digital illustrations inspired by folklore and fantasy, books, magic, misty mountains and dark forests. Needless to say, there’s a clear aura of magic to the artwork of Tintenbaum you just want to share. Be sure to check Tintenbaum’s other work on her website!

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