Trade and sell your old board games at Nerdscape

The Nerdor crew – existing of NerdCandy and Nerdscape – is bringing its interesting board game recycle program to the FACTS Fan Village: Bring your old board games, trade them and get new ones in return. Or perhaps pull a DBZ Buu trick and turn them into delicious international candy. 

How does it work?


Gather the board games you no longer want and bring them to the Board Game Recycle booth in the FACTS Fan Village hall. You leave your name and phone number for the final step (see Step 4).


The crew will then assess the quality and condition of your board games. They will then make an estimation of worth.


Board Game Recycle will contact you to state their price. If you agree, the crew will hand you a coupon for their booth, online store or physical store. You’re free to decline the offer and take your board games home.


You can then use those coupons in either Nerdscape’s board game stores OR in Nerdcandy’s candy store. Either way, it’s a sweet deal!


What if some pieces are missing?

That can have an impact on the price, but won’t exclude you from the service. The crew has some decent 3D printers that can replace the missing pieces.

Can I refuse the offer?

If you’re not happy with the price they give you, it is entirely possible to decline. You give your receipt and get to take all tabletop games back home with you.

Do they also resell the games? 

Yes! That is part of the recycle system. They seal the games after they are complete, so that the buyer knows it’s all complete. You can buy them in the Nerdscape store.

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