‘Must see-ries’ for September – October – November 2021: the ultimate series release overview

Summer is nearly over, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Time that passes also means new series releases. Here are FACTS’ must-seeries for September, October, and November.
This time we only picked out new series, so we’re happy to report that this article is spoiler free!


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Thursday September 2nd

exclusively on Netflix

They’re here, they’re queer and they’re absolutely badass! Spy fans keep your eyes peeled for September 2, that’s when Q-Force launches on Netflix. The story centres around Steve Maryweather, whose bosses don’t react too well when he comes out. Steve is stationed in at the obscure West Hollywood branch even though he was one of the top members of the American Intelligence Agency. He does not accept his fate and assembles his own team of openly queer team of fields agents. They decide to go rogue and set up their own mission to prove their worth to the AIA.

The show is made by members of the LGBTQIA+ community including Sean Hayes and Wanda Sykes. So, we suspect that we’ll get some quality queer content in Q-Force.

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

Thursday September 16th

Exclusively on peacock

In the screen version of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol we meet Ashley Zukerman as the new Robert Langdon. This time we don’t get a single movie that tells the story but an entire series! Our beloved Harvard symbologist is unexpectedly summoned to give an evening lecture in the U.S. Capitol Building, but things take a turn. A Hand of Mysteries is left behind in the Capitol Building. His mentor Peter Solomon, a prominent Mason, is also brutally kidnapped. Langdon is pulled in a global conspiracy to solve an ancient secret.

Those of you who have read the book will probably know what will happen. But book or no book, we are definitely tuning in on September 16th!

Star Wars: Visions

Wednesday September 22nd

exclusively on disney+

Anime and Star Wars fans rejoice! On September 22nd Disney+ blesses us with a Star Wars anime series. Star Wars: Visions consists of 9 short films produced by 6 Japanese animation studios, including Kill la Kill’s Trigger and Ghost in a Shell’s Production I.G

Aside from the titles of the different episodes we know very little about what the stories will look like. But Star Wars: Visions sure looks promising! 


Friday September 24th

exclusively on apple tv+

What if you could predict mankind’s future with numbers? Mathematician Hari Seldon, played by Jared Harris, developed a new and effective mathematical sociology. His theory allows him to predict the future of large populations. Seldon foresees the fall of the enormous Galactic Empire. This prediction causes quite the turmoil. In order to slightly deflect the onrushing mass of catastrophic events Seldon creates the Foundation to preserve the spirit of science and civilisation.

Why should you watch Foundation? It is based on the novels of Isaac Asimov, which received several awards. The Foundation trilogy even beat Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings for the Best All-Time Series Hugo Award! In other words, it is definitely a science fiction series to look forward to!


Monday October 25th

The cw network

A promising reboot of the 2004 series, 4400 tells the same story of 4400 overlooked, undervalued, or marginalised people who vanished without a trace over the last hundred years. Out of nowhere they are suddenly all returned in an instant without having aged or a single memory of what happened. The government races to analyse the threat and to contain the story.

The teaser for 4400 certainly piqued our interests!


Friday November 5th

exclusively on hulu

To say it in Yakko’s own words: reboots are symptomatic of a fundamental lack of originality in Hollywood. In this case that definitely does not seem the case. Yakko, Wakko and Dot pick up right where they ended. We get a whole new dose of the zaniness we all loved. The trailer shows us the Animaniacs as Greek Gods, Wakko’s sandwich right where he left it and some epic anime-inspired action. Another reason why we’re watching the series is the executive producer: Steven Spielberg.


Wednesday November 24th

exclusively on disney+

Marvel has not yet released a trailer for Hawkeye so we can only guess what the upcoming series will about. Looking at the series and films that Disney put out this and last year, one thing is certain: it will be absolutely epic! Hawkeye introduces the beloved comic book character Kate Bishop and Black Widow’s sister Yelena Belova also returns. In the post-credit scene of Black Widow, we saw how Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine told Yelena that Clint Barton was responsible for her sister’s death. Tensions will most likely rise high. Knowing Yelena, she will immediately go after Hawkeye and thus probably be the villain of the series. The only question is: for how long? One good talk with Clint might resolve the whole situation.

september - oktober - november 2021


  • September 1st
    • How to be a Cowboy – Netflix
  • September 2nd
    • What we do in the Shadows – FX
    • Q-Force – Netflix
    • A.P. Bio – Peacock
La Casa de Papel season 5 on Netflix
  • September 3rd
    • La Casa de Papel – Netflix
  • September 5th
    • Billions – Showtime
  • September 7th
    • Impeachment: American Crime Story – FX
  • September 10th
    • Lucifer – Netflix
  • September 12th
    • American Rust– Showtime
  • September 13th
  • September 16th
    • The Harper House – Paramount+
    • Tacoma F.D. – truTV
    • The Premise – Hulu
    • Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol – Peacock
  • September 17th
    • The Morning Show – Apple TV+
    • Sex Education – Netflix
  • September 20th
    • 9-1-1 – Fox
    • The Big Leap – Fox
  • September 22nd
    • Star Wars: Visions – Disney+
    • The Wonder Years – ABC
    • Alter Ego – Fox
  • September 23rd
    • Creepshow – Shudder
    • Doom Patrol – HBO Max
  • September 24th
    • Midnight Mass – Netflix
    • Foundation – Apple TV+
    • Goliath – Amazon Prime
  • September 26th
    • The Simpsons – Fox
    • Bob’s Burgers– Fox
    • The Great North – Fox
    • Family Guy – Fox
  • September 28th
  • September 30th
    • Grey’s Anatomy – ABC
    • Big Sky – ABC
A new LEGO Star Wars story: LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales


  • October 1st
    • LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales – Disney+
  • October 3rd
    • The Walking Dead: World Beyond – AMC
  • October 7th
  • October 8th
    • Nancy Drew – The CW
  • October 10th
    • The Equalizer – CBS
  • October 12th
    • Chucky – Syfy
  • October 13th
    • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – The CW
    • Batwoman – The CW
    • Dopesick – Hulu
  • October 14th
    • Legacies – The CW
  • October 17th
    • Fear the Walking Dead – AMC
  • October 21st
    • The Blacklist – NBC
  • October 22nd
    • Invasion – Apple TV+
  • October 25th
    • 4400 – The CW
  • October 28th
    • Walker – The CW
National Geographic's Anthrax: The Hot Zone, based on true events


  • November 5th
    • Animaniacs – Hulu
  • November 7th
    • Dexter – Showtime
  • November 12th
    • The Shrink Next Door – Apple TV+
  • November 16th
    • The Flash – The CW 
  • November 19th
    • The Great – Hulu
  • November 24th
    • Hawkeye – Disney+
  • November 25th
    • The Beatles: Get Back  – Disney+
  • November 28th

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