The FACTS Cooking Class: Fun Fandom Recipes

A Jurassic Park Themed Chocolate Cake

In the FACTS Cooking Class, we present you comic con inspired dishes or realisations of fictional food. In this article, you can go on a paleontological hunt, devour cute alien babies, eat Elven bread, fill up on smooth beers and enjoy Disney-Pixar’s best dish. Let’s dig in!

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Dino Dig Site Cake

Baby Yoda Eggs

Lembas Bread

butter Beer



Jurassic Park Themed Chocolate Cake

Transform your chocolate cake into a paleontological dig site. Make molds of dinosaur toys, fill them up with white chocolate and wait for it to turn hard. Then, put the white chocolate dino bones on top of the cake, sprinkle them with oreo crumbs and rock chocolate and BAM, you can unleash your inner Dr. Grant. And if you expect a cocky kid to say that ‘dinos look like 6 foot turkeys’, be sure to slip a velociraptor claw in there for intimidation.


Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs Recipe

Just looking at these adorable Star Wars themed deviled eggs is enough to warm a cold clone heart. All you need to make this fairly simple dish is eggs, mayonnaise, celery, mustard, pepper and avocado. One bite in one of these delicacies and you’ll never look at that Baby Yoda pod without salivating behind your helmet ever again.


The Lord of the Rings Lembas Bread

If you’re going hiking with or without a fellowship, then be sure to pack some Lembas! Also known as Elven Bread or Waybread. One bite will supposedly fill the stomach of a grown man, so it’s potentially the best comic con snack you can imagine. We will of course allow this into the show … if you share it with us weary travellers. Pretty please? 🙂

Harry Potter Butter Beer

Harry Potter Butter Beer

“Whether we be old and bald, or young with scabby knees, our bellies could do with filling, with some of this interesting stuff.” Did we just butcher the Hogwarts School Song? Maybe. But we’ll be happy warty hogs when we’ve had a couple of these, that’s for sure. Plus, they come in cold and hot forms, so you can enjoy them all year round!

Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille

Disney Pixar's Ratatouille

Ever wondered how that colourful, mind-blowing special dish at the end of Disney-Pixar’s Ratatouille tastes in real life? So did we. It’s a bit more advanced than the other fandom recipes in this list, but remember what this movie taught us: Anyone can cook. (Helper rat not included. Sorry!)

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