7 Geeky tips for Dog Lovers

#1: Does the dog die?

Emotional warnings for your next movie, series, video game, book & comic

If you’re the kind of dog lover that starts sobbing uncontrollably in a fetal position after witnessing a dog passing away on screen or in art, then Doesthedogdie.com will be your favourite new tool. This website will warn you whether a dog is being abused or killed in the film, series, video game and even comic you’re about to start.

The site also offers many other trigger warnings, such as for horses, cats and dragons, but also miscarriages, jump scares and child abuse. Obviously, this website has an enormous spoiler warning sign hanging from its front page, but most descriptions are vague enough to not give away the plot. 

#2: Can You Pet The Dog?

Find out if it’s possible to pet the dog in a particular game

In this coronavirus pandemic, we need al the emotional support we can get. And what is more wholesome than giving your trusty virtual dog a nice little rub behind the ears? On the Twitter channel @CanYouPetTheDog, you can now get all sorts of recommendations and shout-outs for dog-loving characters in newer and older games. They even do Casual Fridays in which they highlight stories where you can pet other animals as well. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go on a virtual dog petting spree. 

#3: Disney Dog Snapchat Filter

Take your yapper into the unknoooooown

Transform your doggo into a Disney prince or princess with the ‘Cartoon Face’ Snapchat filter! You can adjust the eye colour, the form and some other features to your liking, to match your dog’s personality.

It might not work on all breeds, but if it does, it’ll guarantee a hilarious picture.

#4: the Dogs-in-Movies Database

IMDb … but with doggos

On Tumblr, you can find a database dedicated to dogs in movies and other media, aiming to get pupper screenshots of every movie that has man’s best friend in it to some degree. At the moment of writing, they’re at 3.200 entries, in the course of six years. Pretty handy if you’re looking to make a geeky dog quiz or if you’re looking for a new dog-loving movie challenge. Either way: have fun!


A thread full of A+ goodest boys & girls

If you’re in need of a big stream of wholesome dog pictures and videos, then this is the channel for you. You can also get your own dog rated if you tag them on either Instagram or Twitter. 14/10 would follow.


A journey into the mind of the floofer

Thoughts of Dog is what would happen if you gave your dog an actual social media account. From really moving to incredibly funny, they’re tweets that every dog owner ‘slash’ lover will recognise. 

Your favourite pupper on your cupper

PersonalFury.com has a wide array of dog related merch, from custom T-shirts to mugs thanking you for scoopin’ poop. 

The fun part: you can also choose the amount of dogs and cartoony versions of the breeds that need to be on the object, which gives it an extra cool touch.


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