Find Actor Hint #2 Here!

Complete the word puzzle below and find the second hint for the first guest actor of FACTS Spring 2020. Put the letters in the coloured boxes in the right order and the hint will appear.

Found the answer? Then share it with your friends online and start brainstorming!


• 1 What does the ‘A’ in FACTS stand for?
• 3 A 2019 video game featuring Norman Reedus
• 4 Actress who portrays Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe
• 6 Zone at FACTS where you can typically find fan clubs


• 1 Cartoon about a boy and his magic dog in the land of Ooo
• 2 Actor who portrayed Back to the Future’s Doc Brown (also a FACTS Fall 2019 guest!)
• 5 First name of The Witcher’s protagonist
• 7 Role-playing game featured in Stranger Things
• 8 Place at FACTS where you can find the invited world-famous comic artists
• 9 First announced artist for FACTS Spring 2020

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