Indice #2 pour le premier acteur de Spring 2020!

Pouvez-vous trouver le deuxième indice en utilisant les lettres dans les cases colorées?


• 1 What does the ‘A’ in FACTS stand for?
• 3 A 2019 video game featuring Norman Reedus
• 4 Actress who portrays Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe
• 6 Zone at FACTS where you can typically find fan clubs


• 1 Cartoon about a boy and his magic dog in the land of Ooo
• 2 Actor who portrayed Back to the Future’s Doc Brown (also a FACTS Fall 2019 guest!)
• 5 First name of The Witcher’s protagonist
• 7 Role-playing game featured in Stranger Things
• 8 Place at FACTS where you can find the invited world-famous comic artists
• 9 First announced artist for FACTS Spring 2020

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