The Collectors Panel: The benefits of building & maintaining a huge collection

FACTS has invited three Belgian collectors who have single-handedly turned collecting geeky objects and merchandise into an artform. At one point, their collections stopped being collections and became full-fledged archives, in which you can stroll and witness (but not touch!) pop culture history.

  • How did they start?
  • How much is it all worth?
  • Is it a good investment or just for nostalgic purposes?
  • What are their most prized possessions?
  • And more importantly: what are the tips & tricks to transform YOUR collection into a museum?

Find out in this panel!



WHO: Famous Belgian and Star Wars collector
Entering his ‘man cave’ is like walking into a Star Wars merchandise store. From comics and vintage posters to 1970’s figurines and action figures, Christophe has it all.


WHO: LEGO® Star Warsexpert (@dewlanna)
When your collection is big enough to fill a LEGO® exposition at the Speelgoedmuseum in Mechelen, then you know it’s something special. Peter has the whole wide LEGO® world in his hands.


WHO: Thijs Bastiaens, aka @jNoxxx
Thijs’ video game collection got so big that he had to move to a bigger house with a hangar. That’s where he keeps The Archive, which is basically gaming history stored in one room. Check out the video!


WHEN: Saturday and Sunday (19 & 20 October), exact hours to be determined.
WHERE: Go under the balcony in Flanders Expo’s Hall 1
and go behind the stairs to find the workshop & panel zone.
LANGUAGE: Mainly Dutch

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