Christopher Judge was born in 1964 in L.A. He started acting in Junior High and he was also a successful athlete.

His first acting role was in the 1990 film Bird on a Wire and from there he starred in numerous films and TV shows (Mac Gyver)

Judge’s largest role came in 1997 when he landed the role of the Jaffa, Teal’c, in Stargate SG-1. Out of all the actors in Stargate SG-1, Judge has been in the most episodes.[9]

He wrote several episodes of Stargate SG-1 (“The Changeling”, “Birthright”, and “Sacrifices”,Sacrifices”. “The Warrior”). He’s guest starred in lots of Sci-fi shows, including Andromeda, First Wave and Stargate Atlantis. He’s also the voice of Magneto in X-Men: Evolution.

In 2002 he setup a photography studio.

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