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Romano Molenaar is one of the most active Dutch artists out there, with series such as J.Rom: Force of Gold, Batman Annual and X-Men under his belt.

Romano Molenaar is a Dutch freelance artist who got his first assignment via LiarComics. After working on the mini series More than Mortal and Witchfinder he got in contact with Brian Pulido from the now defunct Chaos!comics, where he worked on Purgatori and Lady Death. Meeting Tony Daniel at a comicon in the Netherlands landed his new gig, drawing monsters and gorgeous girls with The Tenth.

Then Topcow started to show interest and a dream came true when they gave him a ‘Witchblade” (#61) book! After that he was scheduled for No Honor vol.2 which is unfortunately on hold. He then got asked to work on an X-men issue (X-men unlimited #44). Drawing Wolverine and the X-men crew! His last work was a mini called “Cursed” (Egyptian mythologie and zombies) for Topcow and “The Darkness” Vol 2 #8.

Via Tony Daniel he could participate in a BATMAN ANNUAL(Detective Comics 2011 Annual) which made for his next opportunity, drawing `Birds Of Prey` #13-28 in 2012-2014. On the side he also created many ‘Critter’-covers for publisher Big Dog Ink.

He continues to be firmly active in the European comic department with titles as STORM, the Roy Thomas-written RED HAIR aka CARROT as well as the 3-issue J.Rom Force Of Gold, which is a re-telling of a classic European beloved character.

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