Howard Chaykin


Architect of the modern comic. Artist for classics (the first Star Wars comics) and recent classics (Hey Kids Comics, The Divided States of Hysteria & more!)


  • Howard Chaykin is one of the architects of the modern comics
  • Drew the comic adaptation of the first Star Wars movie in 1976, for Marvel Comics
  • Best known for
    • Star Wars
    • American Flagg!
    • The Divided States of Hysteria
    • Hey Kids Comics
    • The Shadow
    • Blade
    • Time²




From his first steps as an artist for Star Wars, along his own creations and the loyal following they picked up right up to his well-known stints as artist, writer or both for pretty much every character around: Howard has done it, imagined it and made it look easy. On top of that, Howard’s made his mark on the Left Coast, working for TV, developing shows , writing all kinds of script. Now, at an age when most would have faded away, Howard’s more prolific, more driven and most likely more angry than ever before.

His most recent brainchild is a look back at the start of comics as an industry, portraying the pioneers at the dawn of that age as the fallible humans they were.

That seems like a great time to get comics’ favourite bad boy, cursing and philosophising, in front of a mic. Join us to find out what he really  thinks.

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Writer and comic artist Howard Chaykin is often named as one of the architects of the modern comic. He’s been an influential artist in the comic world since the 70’s, after all.

In 1976, Chaykin drew the comic adaptation of the first Star Wars film for Marvel Comics.

In 1983, Chaykin created the American Flagg! series for First Comics, a truly impressive series that was decorated with no less than 9 Eagle Awards. The story tells about a dystopian world in which the American government has taken refuge on Mars and where the Brazilian Union of the Americas and the Pan-African League have become the superpowers. Awesome stuff!

Other entertaining and equally impressive feats can be found in his work for Blade, The Shadow, the incredible Time² (‘Time Squared’, got it?), DC Comics’ Hawkgirl, Hey Kids Comics, The Divided States of Hysteria and much more.

Come and meet this incredible artist in person at FACTS, on April 6-7 in Flanders Expo Ghent! Howard Chaykin will be available on both days in the Artist Alley, for sketches, autographs and talks! 





Want to meet Howard Chaykin?

Want to meet Howard Chaykin? Then come to FACTS on April 6-7, in Flanders Expo Ghent! This legendary artist will be available on both days for autographs, sketches and interesting talks!

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