Prism : The Art Journey of Cosmic Spectrum

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Prism : The Art Journey of Cosmic Spectrum

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The Art of Cosmic Spectrum features the characters, worlds, and stories created by artist Yana Bogatch aka Cosmic Spectrum. Previously, she has self-published a graphic novel and two art books. Now, The art of Cosmic Spectrum showcases the artist’s entire story and demonstrates the development of her style and career, as well as brand new art and tutorial content. With character art and comics being her specialty, the book features an array of tips and techniques for drawing anatomy, gesture, and character details. Sketchbook pages reveal Yana’s experience in animation and storyboarding; her use of both traditional and digital tools reveals the artist’s versatility.

Storytelling and connecting with other people are vital to the artist, and readers will be fascinated to discover how she infuses her art with these motivations. Another way in which she shares her art is through her shop, where creativity and commercial success meet. Yana’s energy, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial spirit will encourage readers looking for way to transform their passion for art into a viable career while staying true to their style. The Art of Cosmic Spectrum is the creative inspiration and springboard every character artist needs.

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