Manga Cafe (FOODSTAND)

Manga Cafe (FOODSTAND)

Manga Cafe (FOODSTAND)

About us

The Parisian Manga Café broadly follows the Japanese model while adapting to our Western culture.
Indeed, just like in Japan, in the reading area of the Manga Café the following are available at will:
Mangas, hot and cold drinks, WIFI Internet and video games.

The Japanese private booths have been replaced by an open, social space filled with sofas and armchairs, a setup more suited to our European café culture.

Our reading library is the largest and most complete in France, made up of all the series ever translated into French. That’s more than 18,000 books to which are added all the new releases from the day of their release.

Sony Playstation terminals as well as vintage arcade terminals with numerous video games allow you to have fun between two games.

Where Japanese kissa manga only consist of a reading space and various entertainments, we added a sales area for new manga, then other original sales areas such as a Concept Store.

In addition, theme evenings and other activities and events occasionally enliven the life of the café.



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