Public transport to FACTS Fall 2022: the tram issue

For those of you who don’t know: the tram station of Flanders Expo will not be reachable during the Fall 2022 edition, which means that it is best not to take the tram from the train station to FACTS this edition. (Unless you want to get off early and walk a longer distance). But not to worry, there are solutions in play!


Starting from platform 22 in the Ghent Sint-Pieters train station


  • 8:50h – 11:00h: every 2 minutes
  • 11:00h – 16:00h: every 5 minutes,
  • 16:00h – 18:30h: every 2 minutes
  • 18:30h – 19:30h: every 5 minutes
  • After 19:30h: Head to the Kortrijksesteenweg and take bus 70


  • 8:50h – 11:00h: every 3 minutes
  • 11:00h – 15:00h: every 6 minutes
  • 15:00h – 17:00h: every 3 minutes
  • 17u – 17u30: every 5 minutes
  • After 17:30h: head to the Kortrijksesteenweg and take bus 70

Each ride will cost € 2,5

You’ll find extra info about this tram problem and bus solution on the website of De Lijn. You will also find extra info at the Ghent Sint-Pieters train station info signs, in the frontside of the train station. Extra disclaimer: know that the bus might be caught in traffic right before opening hours, so be sure to take this into account!

Also: there’s a train jam between Bruges and Ghent, which might be relevant for French and West-Flemish visitors.

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