The Hero Trials: Who will be the last hero standing?

It’s a superhero battle royale at FACTS! Will you survive the Hero Trials and rise victorious from the ashes of your foes? Let’s find out! You start out with 64 contestants and compete in four fun trials. Each trial will eliminate a portion of the contestants, who can then cheer for the others or head back to the FACTS fun. Only one will emerge victorious. It’s basically Squid Game, but with people actually alive to tell the tale.

Level 1: Zero Tolerance

Complete your tasks with drunkenness simulating goggles before the others do. Top half moves on.

Level 2: Human Table Football

Help your team score as many goals as it can within a time frame. The winning teams advance.

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Level 3: Funphobia Relay

Four teams of four do a relay run (estafette) with silly attributes. Fun to do, fun to watch. One team advances.

Level 4: Superhero Sumo Finals

Wrestle your way past your former team mates and claim your victory!


FACTS Spring 2022, on Saturday April 2nd
and Sunday April 3rd, all day long.
Register at the beginning of the day!


The Flex XL room, located above the workshops & panels area. Head under the balcony and take the staircase up.

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