R2 Builders Club

If you hear a concerto of beeping and booping when you’re at FACTS, you’ll want to search for the source of the sound wave, because it’ll probably be a parade of R2-D2’s, BB-8’s and other droids coming through. In other words: the R2 Builders are back again, with dozens of Star Wars droids.

What will the R2 Builders bring to FACTS?

1.  Dozens of functional Star Wars droids! 

The R2 Builders – surprise surprise! – build their own computer controlled, beautiful R2-D2’s and variants, BB-8’s, the brand new Chopper droids and other Star Wars robot parts, like the C3PO static. And they’ll be happy to show them to you. Enthousiastic fans who want a tech buddy of their own, can always ask the fine people of the R2 Builders for tips and tricks. It doesn’t matter if you’re tech-savvy or a beginner, anyone can do it if they have a passion for it!

2. Ideal picture opportunities for Star Wars fans!

At one side of their stand, the R2 Builders will bring all sorts of cool Star Wars backdrops and settings, where you can have your picture taken with legit Star Wars droids.

3. Droid parades!

Since the droids are computer controlled, they should be taken for a walk, right? The R2 Builders will be driving around with their robots, so keep an eye out for them!