Superhero Academy


Hone your skills in a hall full of challenges!

After The Beast has been slain in previous editions, peace returned to the land of FACTS. But the heroes now needed a new challenge, so that they could stay in shape and to remain alert.

That is why FACTS has established the Superhero Academy, where you will be put to the test in several wacky and fun obstacles. Bring your friends, choose an activity and go wild!

This is just a selection of the activities. Come and find all of them in the Superhero Academy sidehall!

the eliminator

Are you sure, cadet? This is high level superhero stuff.
The eliminator can sweep you off your feet and, well, eliminate you when you’re down.
Alright, it’s your funeral!

The Warrior Pitch

Try to Hulk your opponent from the stage with a huge, double-handed stick.
Sharpen your senses and show your friends who’s boss!

The Gladiator game

Heroes, assemble for a mini Civil War in this challenge!
Get a friend to join your cause and take on the other – obviously morally inferior – team!

The hammer

Form a circle with friends or foes, catch the ball in the middle and try to force your opponents from their pedestals.
The Hunger Games, but without moving into the woods, basically!

King of the Ring

Grab the balls and dunk as many as you can in your own basket.
Get the most and you’ll be crowned King of the Ring!

Comic Grabber

Grab the most amount of balls from the center and win.
The catch is that you’re hooked to a huge rubber band, which will make things harder for you.
Put those legs to work!

Comic Maze

You’ve been trapped inside a dangerous maze, cadet. What do you do?
You keep your cool and you find the exit like a true superhero, that’s what!

Comic rocket

How do you want to be come a Guardian of the Galaxy
if you can’t even reach the cockpit of your space rocket?
Get to it!

The Extreme Big Roller

Want to put your skills to the actual test? Then try to beat the Extreme Big Roller!
No levitation, no jetpacks and no teleportation allowed!

Superhero Sumo

Batman vs. Spider-Man. Superman vs. The Hulk. Put on the suit and push your opponents out of the ring!
And remember: it’s not who you are under the suit, but it’s what you do that defines you!

The Elasta Run

We’re putting you in a special gravity chamber, where the forces pull you back instead of down.
Try to score as much as you can!

Pillow Fight

Superheroes never sleep! What if you get attacked in your bed huh? Ever thought of that?
You need to be able to use your pillow as a deadly weapon, cadet!

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