Where to find FACTS

Address for the GPS: 
Flanders Expo
Maaltekouter 1
9051 Ghent

For highway entry ways, check the car section of this page.

Tram connection

Tram 1 is back in business!

It will once again bring you right to the doorstep of FACTS. It travels between train station Ghent Sint-Pieters and Flanders Expo regularly. We highly recommend taking public transport, to avoid bottlenecks around the Flanders Expo halls. Take note: a tram ride is not included in a FACTS ticket.

Check the routeplanner on DeLijn.be via the button to get a clear view of the track the tram is following.

Bus routes

Buses 76, 77 and 78 normally take you to the venue and into the FACTS Forest. We highly recommend taking public transport, to avoid bottlenecks around the Flanders Expo halls. Take note: a bus ride is not included in a FACTS ticket.

Check the Routeplanner on DeLijn.be to get a clear view of the route these bus lines are following.

Known issues: the current bus deviation due to the roadworks in de Voskenslaan will continue until March 24th, 2023. You can get off earlier at bus stop Maria Middelares Maalte and walk from there. Stay alert for any delays!

Train connection

Coming by train? Then be sure to get off at train station Ghent Sint-Pieters for the best route to FACTS! From there, you can get on Tram 1 and go to FACTS directly. Be sure to check the tram section of this page to stay up-to-date on any possible changes in the routes. Check the website of the NMBS via the button to plan your route.

Known issues: there’s currently a bus and tram deviation due to the roadworks, but they should be resolved when FACTS starts. Stay alert!

Pro tip! Weekend train tickets cost 50% less compared to a weekday train tickets. So use those to travel during the FACTS weekend.

Car routes & parking

You can leave your TIE Fighter, TARDIS or other vehicle on the parking facilities of Flanders Expo, which can be accessed directly via Exit 14 of the E40 motorway (Brussels – Ostend).

Got an electric car? There are loading stations on parkings PA4 and at Hall 3 of Flanders Expo, about 50 in total. The brand is Wattify, which accepts most charge cards. If yours doesn’t get accepted, you can still pay via VISA, Mastercard, Bancontact and Ideal. Take note: the other parkings DO NOT have loading stations.

Parkings B & C will now be working with license plate recognition instead of parking tickets. Take note: Parking PA4 is exclusively reserved for VIP’s. The price for parking is 10 euro during the FACTS weekend. These prices are not the decision of FACTS. These parking lots are owned by the City of Ghent and their earnings are for the city.

Bikes & Motor bikes

Getting on your bicycle? Great! We recommend that you

  • go down Derbystraat and over the cycle bridge.
  • Or follow the R4 and Raymond La Rochelaan to join the cycle path to Flanders Expo.

Park your bike in the stands next to Hall 3. There’s also plenty of room at the tram station to park your bicycle. 

As for the motor cycles: they pay for a parking spot just like the cars do. For directions, please check the car & parking section of this page.

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