BELANGRIJKE PRAKTISCHE INFO rond openbaar vervoer naar FACTS

Going to FACTS by public transport or by car?
Then you will find the following public service announcements interesting:

 A TRAM ride during the FACTS weekend is no longer free with any FACTS ticket, sadly.

BUT we have arranged an alternative: a train-tram-ticket combo! (See below)

2. RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION: Railway manager Infrabel will be doing construction work on train tracks during the FACTS weekend. Check how your train ride might be impacted before heading out to FACTS!

3. CAR
No construction on the main roads to FACTS, yay!


This combo ticket is here to stay. We should be able to present it to you again next edition, much earlier in the campaign, if all goes well.

We realise that most of you already have a ticket and that the train-tram-ticket combo is coming in too late. We were working hard on this alternative after it became clear that we couldn’t reach an agreement with De Lijn about the free Tram 1 ride, which is no longer part of the FACTS ticket.

We were left with the dilemma: should we launch now and provide an alternative for those who hadn’t bought their tickets yet and probably disappoint some people who already did? Or do we postpone the combo ticket to 2020, leaving EVERYONE without an alternative for the Tram 1 changes. In the end, we decided to launch. So not to worry, you’ll be able to enjoy this benefit next time!

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