Creators Zone: Artistes & Designers

In the Creators Zone, FACTS fans will be able to enjoy a wide variety of art, gadgets and more, provided to you by local artists and designers.

You can find this zone at the entrance of the Gaming Hall. Be sure to take a look at the many talented people in this zone. You won’t be disappointed!

You can also find the individual artists on the floor plan, which will be handed to you when you enter FACTS.

Creators Zone Highlights


Are you into monsters and dinosaurs and you’re looking for a nice piece of art? Then you simply must go to this amazing artist in the Creators Zone. Anson Aguirre Firth is a master when it comes to making monstrosities look absolutely gorgeous.


Artist Wil Shrike is amazing when it comes to A3 hand drawn portraitures inspired by film, TV, gaming and comics. Visit his booth in the Creators Zone!


The sweeter side of fantasy and sci-fi for minigeeks and their parents: prints, cards, gifts and custom made birth announcements for minigeeks.


If you’re looking for precious coloring books with great illustrations, for fanarts and for original illustrations, then this is your booth! Kowaï Manjou also takes commissions, so take a look at their page behind the button.


Get in touch with your wild side! Are you like a cheeky fox? A cute kitten? A serene, but mighty dragon? Then you will need a limited edition mug, pillow, clock, book or art to show it off to the world. Come and get it in the Creators Zone!


« Cats, coffee and cute characters! I sell posters, small prints, postcards, notebooks, childrens books and more. Are you a fan of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts? I bet I have an illustration of at least one of your favorite characters! So come chat with me at Artist Alley booth nr. 3123! You will find me at the big blue and pink axolotl banner. »


Pasta Wars – The Pasta Awakens » is the 1st Pastafarian novel in the whole world! Follow the adventures of Vermicelli to save the galaxy from the evil Darth Noodelicious! But do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side of the Pasta!


Fuuki, a blot on the landscape, a bunny of all trades, a master of none. Situated in the Netherlands, Australian born Willem Scholten, spends his time drawing bunnies that reflect how we all feel and spreads them on T-shirts that he screenprints himself.


Artist with a knack for drawing fantasy creatures, from dragons to cute critters! Webbelart also has a big heart for Pokémon, so expect all kinds of fanart buttons & more! Also available for live drawings and commissions at her booth, so pay her a visit!


An artist who specialises in cross stitching and embroideries on T-shirts, sweaters, caps and frames. She gets inspired by all kinds of fandoms, from Scooby-Doo and The Legend of Zelda to Star Wars and Transformers. Pay her a visit in the Creators Zone!

Creators Zone LIST