Technopolis présente : Découpage laser du fandom

At FACTS, Technopolis once again translates their mission to excite, inspire and WOW you to the world of fandom, fantasy, animation, comics, toys and science fiction. And this time, they’re bringing in the wonders of laser cutters, powerful cutting and engraving machines, which can turn cardboard, wood and plastic into pieces of cosplay, fanart, board game scenery, and more.

What can I do there?

Create your own basic designs and get a taste of the laser cutting technology and techniques.

Watch how Technopolis produces their own creations live to illustrate the endless possibilities of the technology. Every one of their designs will be available for free. 

Watch how famous artists transform their existing piece of black-and-white artwork into a beautiful piece of engraved art on wood, see-through plastic or other materials.

Inscription obligatoire

Join the Technopolis fun in the Entry Hall, booth 540,
at FACTS Fall 2022, on October 22-23, in Flanders Expo Ghent.

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