Easy Cosplay DIY: Tutorials for Painting and constructing cosplay props

Header Cosplay Tutorials By the FACTS Cosplay Community Part 1

Looking to improve your cosplay skills? Then check out these tutorials of respected and experienced Belgian cosplayers! From realistic paint jobs and the illusion of metal to making huge light cosplay props, you can find invaluable cosplay tips and tricks here.

MistVein Cosplay: big props & little tricks

In the following clips, the experienced Belgian cosplayer Mistvein Cosplay gives short tutorials on 3 subjects:

  • How to replace heavy, real nuts & bolts with lighter materials
  • What you can use to replace velcro straps
  • And big paint jobs for big cosplay props, including a trick for a metal look

CLIP 1: Putting metal nuts and bolts on a costume can really make it look realistic, but adding many of them can make the comic con costume sluggish and heavy. But Mistvein creates light resin copies by putting them in silicon casts, creating life-like, but much lighter nuts & bolts. Same awesome looks, less hassle at the comic con.

CLIP 2: You finish your ancient warrior cosplay with sick shin armor, but you notice something is off. Did they have velcro in the Middle Ages? Probably not. But they did have leather. Mistvein explains that leather is an ideal, highly customisable and authentic material for almost any cosplay costume. Check it out!

CLIP 3: “Big cosplay props require big paint jobs”. And the Buster Sword Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife certainly fits that description. If you want to know how to make the sword, click on the button below the clips, but the paint jobs for this iconic gaming weapon are just as interesting. Instead of using metallic looking paint, you can also just rub it in with metal powder for a great metallic look. The result is very realistic and it’ll make everyone wonder how it’s done. Now you know!

Check how Mistvein Cosplay makes his enormous Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword from scratch, with super light but sturdy materials.

Want to see more of Mistvein Cosplay or do you have some questions for him? Then follow him on social media:

Sheepwalker cosplay: CRAFTS and DID-YOU-KNOWS

Belgian Cosplayer SheepWalker Cosplay has quite a few interesting cosplay did-you-knows and tutorials on her Facebook page. Her tips will help you choose the correct type of paint, to make Skyrim-esque EVA-foam, worbla daggers, and generally give you other quality-of-life tips and tricks for cosplay.

For example: understanding the icons on painting tubes are invaluable for your cosplay paint jobs, because each type of paint will behave differently in certain circumstances. Do you want dominant paint, or non-dominant paint? Are you using it for highlights and final touches, or rather for base colours? Understanding the components is understanding the process. Good luck!

Keep an eye out for more cosplay tips and tricks in the future!

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