Les jeux vidéo du mois d’août 2020

FACTS is going over August’s video game releases and highlights a few comic con related subjects you could be looking out for. Which new characters will spawn popular cosplays, which games will bring there some new exciting gaming competitions to the horizon and how will this affect the next con season? Grab your calendars and let’s find out!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock-Out

Tuesday August 4th


No less than 60 customisable creatures try to wobble their way to victory in these incredibly chaotic solo and team based playlists. Skill is a factor, but what you really need is a big stroke of luck and a strong will to keep going amidst the hilarious mayhem. See this as a mix of Gang Beasts, Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle, but with 60 players at once. The bèta version was already an enormous hit on Twitch and the final product will definitely hit the sweet spot too. And if you have PlayStation Plus, be sure to pick it up for free in August 2020!

Hyper Scape

Tuesday August 11th


Ubisoft is taking a swing at the Battle Royale genre with this spectacular movement based shooter. It trades the long search and prep time of the established BR’s like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite for an immediate action-packed fun park with jump pads, personal powers and superhero landings. Jump in and feel the rush!


Friday, August 27th


Dontnod Studios, the developers of Life is Strange, is back with another gripping interactive story. In what is essentially a playable movie, you take on the role of the twins Alyson and Tyler to unravel the mystery of their childhood in their home town. Tyler has since transitioned to male, making this the first transgender playable character from a major studio. They did their best to create an “authentic representation of the trans experience”, while also exploring trauma and other serious themes. The first episode is released on August 27th, the second on September 3rd and the third and final chapter on September 10th. If you adored Life is Strange, you’re going to love this one too.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Friday, August 28th


This imaginative soccer game is based on the early 80’s Shōnen Jump manga and the many anime series that followed and captures the many awesome moments of the franchise. Even if you’re not exactly familiar with the Captain Tsubasa series, this will still prove to be a very intense and enjoyable soccer variant. After all, the last superpowered soccer game that made waves was probably Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii in 2007, right?


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