Send in your Q&A questions!

An important part of FACTS for most fans, is to meet the stars and to find the fandom answers they’ve been searching for so long. But at the moment of truth, during the Q&A’s, it’s hard to remember particular questions or to come up with things you really wanted to know. And before you know it, you’ve lost your chance.

Well, no more! You can now enter your own Q&A questions beforehand. We’ll choose the best ones and possibly ask them when the time is right. Even better: with the forces of all FACTS fans combined, we might even be able to find questions you didn’t know you wanted to hear the answer to!

Don’t worry, you will still be the ones asking the questions. Only when there don’t seem to be any hands going in the air, we’ll bring one of your fun or interesting back-up questions to the stage. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your question will be asked during the Q&A’s.

Don’t hesitate and show us your creativity!

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